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Turning the tide to go digital during the pandemic

by LLB Tech Reporter
11th Aug 20 7:15 am

The Singapore-based Genius Group has turned the tide on the coronavirus pandemic and successfully pivoted their business model to go digital in the wake of their resorts and cafes being closed and events being cancelled.

One of its locations, Genius Central in Singapore, launched at the end of January 2020 before the pandemic hit and the café had to close in April due to the government-imposed lockdown.  Located in the Business District of Singapore, the café adapted by offering a range of healthy meal plans for takeaway and delivery until it was able to re-open on the 1 July. 

Genius Group includes a number of educational and entrepreneurial companies across the globe including Entrepreneur Resorts, a group of luxury resorts and lodges, beach clubs and city co-working hubs running entrepreneur events and accelerators, with locations in Singapore, Bali, South Africa and Czech Republic.

During the pandemic many of the Entrepreneur Resort locations around the globe also had to temporarily close and revenue streams were negatively impacted.  Genius Group managed to cut costs by 50% without making any redundancies. 

The programmes that would normally have been conducted with entrepreneurs face to face were redesigned and delivered digitally and globally for the first time. The majority of locations are now open again and the international team is supporting new education programs at its various locations while ensuring the safety of both staff and visitors.

Roger James Hamilton, founder and CEO of Genius Group said, “Adapting the business model of each area of trade has enabled us to divert revenue streams and reduce outgoings for areas of the company which suddenly saw a drop in takings. We have worked quickly and effectively in making sure Genius Group can ride the wave of this pandemic and successfully come out of the other side with our profits intact.”

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