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British troops warned it is ‘absolutely plausible’ they could fight in Ukraine

10th Apr 24 12:31 pm

A former NATO commander has warned that it is “absolutely plausible” British troops could end up in Ukraine fighting against Russian soldiers.

General Sir Richard Sherriff, ex-deputy supreme allied commander said that the West must expand their preparedness rapidly to be ready to fight against Russia.

This comes General Sherriff warned that NATO is “not ready for war with Russia,” however they could still be sent into Ukraine.

General Sherriff said that the French President Emmanuel Macron is right by refusing to not rule out sending troops to Ukraine.

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The former NATO commander was asked if allied troops could be sent to Ukraine, Sir Richard told Times Radio, “I think it is absolutely plausible, I think Macron is absolutely right to be raising these issues….but it would carry a lot more weight if France was doing more to support Ukraine.

“The second point I would make is the sending NATO troops to Ukraine is the last resort. The way to avoid a last resort is to provide Ukraine with the ammunition and other capabilities it needs.

“If you send NATO troops to Ukraine in a combat role, that means war with Russia. And the only way you can do that is if if you are ready for war with Russia.

“And there is no way NATO is ready for war with Russia right now.

“The only way to deal with Russia is to show strength…the only solution therefore is to build up our armed forces to build a cast iron deterrent. There can be no appeasement.”

Last week the Kremlin’s spokesman Dmitry Peskov said, “In fact, relations have now slipped to the level of direct confrontation.”

He added that NATO has “already involved in the conflict surrounding Ukraine (and) continues to move towards our borders and expand its military infrastructure towards our borders”

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