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Trading currencies like a pro

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15th Nov 21 1:21 pm

Forex trading hosts millions of traders worldwide each day. Investors try and speculate the markets to make money and attain a passive income. Many reach the higher levels and make enough to maintain a luxury lifestyle, while others struggle to break even. Our article will detail all the important aspects of currency trading and highlight how traders in England can trade with minimal risk.

Characteristics of trading forex

There are tons of forex brokers in the market. Investors have wide options available in trading the currencies. Let us go through a few important factors of forex markets.

  • Leverage. Currency trading allows traders to benefit from huge leverage. Traders in London can find brokers that provide up to 1:2000 in the margin. It is essential to keep in mind that increased leverage can also add risk to your portfolio.
  • Currency pairs. Currency pairs are divided into three categories. The major pairs include AUDUSD, USDCAD, EURUSD, GBPUSD, USDCHF, and USDJPY. The minors are those that consist of major economic currencies except for the United States Dollar, for example, GBPJPY. Exotic currency pairs include weak currencies paired with strong ones, for example, USDPKR.
  • Direction. CFD trading in forex allows traders to trade currencies on both the long and short sides. Traders can also use stop and limit orders with time limits. This can depend on the broker and the platform.
  • Orders. As mentioned before, traders have access to place a variety of orders. This can include limit, stop, GTC, etc.
  • Liquidity. The forex market has a daily trading volume that exceeds nearly $6 trillion. This helps traders in getting in and out of their positions with ease. It is also possible to trade big lot sizes.
  • Regulation. Forex trading is subject to regulation by top financial authorities. Financial Conduct Authority in England is responsible for keeping an eye on brokers in Great Britain and making sure that the exchanges do not double-cross traders.
  • Availability. Forex trading is widely available to traders worldwide. Nowadays, anyone with a good internet connection and hardware can start trading on a demo or live account.

How can traders in London start trading with a forex broker?

Trading with a forex broker is simple and requires only a short amount of time from a trader. First, an investor will have to check if FCA or any other good regulator regulates the broker. If so, then they can open an account by providing their email and password. After that, it is necessary to make a deposit. Traders can start trading as soon as the cash shows up in their accounts.

Important points to keep in mind

Traders have to keep the following points in mind before trading currencies.

1. Risk

Professional traders stay in the market for the long term and maintain their balance by controlling their risk. Risk management and mindset go side by side in trading, and it is essential to understand that putting more capital on the line will affect your perspective in the long term.

2. Psychology

Trading psychology means that traders have to stay away from greed, fear, and happiness. Having one winning trade and increasing the lot size over the pleasure of making more is a poor mindset. There are many trading books written on the subject of maintaining a proper emotional set. British traders can read on the subject to educate themselves on the topic.

3. Strategy

A good trading strategy will provide consistent gains over the long term with a proper mindset and psychology. A better game plan has a reasonable win rate with a satisfactory risk-reward ratio.


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