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Top five UK brands for clothing

by John Saunders
13th Mar 20 1:01 pm

Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak..!

Fashion clothing reflect ones personality and culture. There are a lot of brands that provides a variety of clothing styles that are unique in itself and are widely demanded. These brands choose best material and fabric and brings out best put of their talent to make the outfit look outstanding. All over the globe there are a wide range of fashion hubs and London is at the top of those. Best developed and popular fashion brands are originated from Britain.

British style of fashion is always praised and admired by the world for its wow factored styles. The British styles are known for not having too much polished styles. So here are some of the top UK based fashion brands that are popular among everyone.


It is one of the top British clothing brand which was founded in 1856. Burberry is based in London, United Kingdom. The brand is famous for its trench coats, accessories, cosmetics and much more. With time the company moved into high fashion apparels and they developed the first waterproof fabric called Gabardine.

The company has their outlets all over the world and they also sell their products to third party suppliers. The Burberry is considered as one of the top luxurious brand that produces great, stylish and attractive design for all men, women and children. And because of the uniqueness and awesomeness of their styles Burberry is one of best British fashion industry. This very oldest luxury brand in the world market is competed by famous Canadian fashion company Canada Goose.

Alexander McQueen

It is another popular British fashion brand specialized in the industry. All the designs of the company are designed by Alexander McQueen and the other top designers that works under the brand. It is a highly luxurious fashion brand that provides fab clothing styles that draws a fine line between art and fashion and brings both the things together.

Few years back in 2006 the company launched a denim line product range called McQ especially for youth. This range includes ready to wear styles for both men and women.

Stella McCartney

Another popular British fashion house named by Stella under her own name. Its first collection was displayed in Paris in the year 2001. Its designs are very different from other British brands. There is no use of leather or the fabrics that consist of fur in Stella’s designs.

This company provides almost every apparel that are ready to use for both men and women. The company has their stores Around 77 countries. Their style of designing the apparels in a material that is unusual make then different from others.

Temperley London

It is one of the top British fashion brands that was launched in the year 2000. Alice Temperley is the owner of this brand who started this fashion house after the graduation from Royal College of arts. The brand is characterized by latest trending designs with great confidence and feminism to suit the apparel need of all. Artisan techniques, hand-worked embellishment, and aesthetic synonymous for ensuring the creative styles makes it a wow brand that is unusual from others. The company also have a vital range of bridal apparels launched in recent years.

Lulu Guinness

Lulu Guinness is a best known British fashion brand that manufactures and provides all variety of fashion based products. The company was started with the retailing business of handbags and accessories and today its business and products are spread worldwide. The company and its designers provides with a unique shape and structure of their designs. Its product are trendy and classy for all occasions and are loved to wear.

The main theme and the distinctive clutch has been the brand’s staple accessory. The brand has also launched footwear and ready to wear products in the year 2017 and this year became the breakthrough year for the company as it saw a grand growth in their brand.

Fashion is the domain that is liked and used by everyone. There are many fashion industries that work well to accomplish the fashion requirements. Clothing is very much appreciated thing that everyone prefers to be praised. There are numerous brands in the Britain that are worldly famous.

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