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This LinkedIn expert has four killer tips for job seekers

by LLB Reporter
6th Oct 16 9:44 am

Know what you want

Whilst money is one of the biggest ‘fulfilment factors’ in the UK when finding a job, Brits prize relationships with colleagues just as highly in terms of their job satisfaction (54 per cent), followed by doing work that has a positive impact (44 per cent) and achieving a healthy work life balance (38 per cent).

The average Brit plans to stay in their job for 5.7 years – a year less than the global average, and the lowest of all the eight countries surveyed. Generation X (aged 45 – 54) emerge as the most loyal group in the UK, planning to stay with their current employer for an average of 6.9 years. Those between 16 – 24 years old are the country’s least loyal, with an average expected tenure of 4.7 years.

To help unfulfilled professionals find jobs that they love, LinkedIn’s Danielle Restivo shared the following job hunting tips:

Know what you want: Start by working out what you need to be happier at work. Make a checklist that puts your priorities in order of importance, and work out which you’d be prepared to compromise on, versus any deal-breakers. 

Do your research: A company’s website and their Company Page on LinkedIn are great places to start to find out if their values match your own, but it’s also invaluable to look at what their current employees say about them online, to make sure that they practice what they preach.

Signal your interest: Let the opportunities come to you by showing that you are interested in hearing from potential employers. LinkedIn’s new ‘Open Candidates’ feature lets you quietly signal to recruiters that they are interested in new opportunities. 

Use your network: Even if they don’t have open roles, many employers will be up for meeting great candidates. Rather than reaching out cold, use your LinkedIn network to see if you have any connections in common who could make an intro.


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