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Things you need to know to start your career in voice acting

by John Saunders
25th Jan 22 5:52 pm

Having a great voice is a gift that not many people possess, and if you have it, you could consider making more out of it. If you have received compliments about your voice from strangers and friends alike, then you might consider choosing voice acting as a career path.

Moreover, if you have a knack for acting, then becoming a voice-over artist will help you fulfil any aspirations you may have of becoming an actor as it is a job that will require you to convey emotions through your voice.

While voice acting can be an excellent and rewarding career choice, it takes more than just a great voice to make it work. You’ll need technical savvy and a home studio, business sense and the ability to communicate to an audience the way they need to hear from you. This requires hard work, dedication, and patience.

So, how to get into voice acting?

Here is some information that might help you:

Who is a voice actor?

To pursue a career path, you must first understand what the career entails.

In simple terms, a voice actor breathes life into a script by voicing characters in animation, movies, or narrating slides for entertainment, educational or marketing purposes. Commonly, you might hear voice actors on television commercials, narrating audiobooks, in animated content, games, educational content, and other forms of media.

Commonly voice actors do their work behind the camera, so you need to focus on your voice as it will be your only way of delivering the author’s intent and expressing emotions.

What does a voice actor do?

When you become a voice-over actor, you will be hired to deliver a performance. Like an actor who displays emotion through specific movements and methods, voice actors must employ a wide range of expression within their voice.

The ‘range’ refers to their ability to change the pitch, inflection, enunciation, pronunciation, accent, tone, and emotions of a read. These are the elements that a voice-over actor must master to become a versatile actor.

To become a versatile actor, study all that you can and try new things. Read a variety of scripts, including those crafted for telephone voice work, commercials, animation and voice assistants. Reading different scripts will make you more agile as an actor and help you to develop the skills you need to take on a variety of projects or roles.

Once you have developed a sense of your voice and its abilities, listening to voice over podcasts, attending webinars and watching videos online are all good ideas. Training with a voice over coach generally follows your own research phase and experimentation of your voice. If you’re really serious about giving voice acting a go as a career, consider setting up a professional-grade home recording studio that you can work from undisturbed at any time of day.

How to get into voice acting

First, you must develop your talent through voice coaching. We mentioned coaching just briefly above. Voice coaches will teach you the ins and outs of the craft.

Once you are confident enough, you can build a profile for your voice online and start auditioning for voice over jobs. You don’t need to have taken lessons to begin auditioning, although this is always a helpful thing to do. Your teacher can help you to identify the kind of projects your voice is suited to, how you market yourself and what to audition for. You can find gigs on various online voice casting platforms or through a talent agent.

What are the benefits of becoming a voice-over artist

The industry is highly competitive, but its benefits attract many people who choose this career path.

Option to work from home

Most of the work voice actors do would be on a freelance basis, and when you are working as a freelancer, you often have the opportunity to work from home.

Unless the project has some special requirements, you can work from your home studio. This will save you travel time, giving you more opportunity to do what you love best. Voice acting and improving your skills!

Flexible timings

In the initial stages of the career, many voice actors work part-time and do another full-time job, mainly because there are no time constraints for freelancing.

But, even as your career progresses, you often have the option to work part-time and choose your hours. Most clients do not worry about the hours you choose as long as you provide them with the deliverables before the agreed deadline.

Furthermore, since it is a freelance gig, you can work and audition whenever you want, and you can even take breaks in-between to focus on other things.

Become your own boss

If you have an entrepreneurial spirit, pursuing voice acting might be a good career choice. You have the freedom to accept or decline a project and can decide your rates in the industry. As an entrepreneur, you work for yourself and are mainly responsible to your clients.

It can be a financially rewarding job

Most of the jobs in the media industry often pay well, including voice acting. Once you have developed the right skills and have enough experience under your belt, you might be able to score big clients that would pay in hundreds or thousands of dollars.

A career in voice acting can be financially rewarding. Commonly, national television commercials yield a high return for voice talent. Many voice actors find recording voice work for explainer videos to be fairly lucrative on an hourly basis because the videos are often less than two minutes long each. However, voice acting in movies or shows can result in even more compensation. Celebrities in this field have been known to make millions of dollars.

So, if you find yourself wondering, “how to get into voice acting?”, the first step would be to look out for an experienced voice acting coach to guide you and nurture your voice. Thanks to technology, you can even find online voice acting coaching services now, so you can easily do it from the comfort and safety of your own home.

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