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These are the world's most and least powerful passports

1st Sep 16 11:07 am

German passport holders can visit 177 countries without a visa, making it the most powerful passport in the world.

According to a ranking by citizenship firm Henley & Partners, the UK isn’t among the top 10 most powerful passports anymore as it lost out to other countries which relaxed their visa rules in the last year.

The ranking found that Britons can visit 175 while US citizens can visit 174.

Afghanistan was named as the country with the world’s least powerful passport as citizens can visit just 25 countries without a visa. 

“Generally, there was significant movement across the board with only 21 of the 199 countries listed remaining in the same rank,” said Henley & Partners. “No country, however, dropped more than three positions, indicating that overall, visa-free access is improving around the world.”

The world’s most powerful passports

  1. Germany, 177 countries can be visited without a visa
  2. Sweden, 176
  3. Finland, France, Italy, Spain, United Kingdom, 175
  4. Belgium, Denmark, Netherlands, United States, 174
  5. Austria, Japan, Singapore, 173
  6. Canada, Ireland (Republic of), Korea (Republic of, South), Luxembourg, Norway, Portugal, Switzerland, 172
  7. Greece, New Zealand, 171
  8. Australia, 169
  9. Malta, 168
  10. Hungary, Czech Republic, Iceland, 167

The world’s least powerful passports

  1. Afghanistan, 25 countries can be visited without a visa
  2. Pakistan, 29
  3. Iraq, 30
  4. Somalia, 31
  5. Syria, 32
  6. Libya, 36
  7. Eritrea, Ethiopia, Iran, Nepal, Palestinian Territory, Sudan, 37
  8. Kosovo, South Sudan, Yemen, 38
  9. Bangladesh, Congo (Democratic Republic of), Lebanon, Sri Lanka, 39
  10. Burundi, Korea (Democratic People’s Republic of, North), Myanmar, 42

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