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The use of hashtags in marketing

by John Saunders
29th Apr 19 10:54 am

Hashtags are a common feature for those who love spending time on social media. However, stepping out of the world of social media, these hashtags can also be used by marketers to help promote their products. Below we look at some ways that hashtags can help you improve your marketing strategy.

Hashtags and Marketing

Use them with keywords

As you create your marketing strategy there is bound to be a certain lingo that you want to attract your audience’s attention this is most cases will be the keyword. Make sure that you look for the words that are trending in line with your product. Once that is done, just add a hashtag to them and let the word spread.

Content reflecting hashtags

The type of hashtag does not need to be trending like the ones that we mentioned above. Furthermore, they are not specific to your brand either. As you use these hashtags, you are simply tagging words that will relate to the content of the page that you are working on. Take for instance you are marking sites such as online casino united kingdom, your hashtags will be #onlinecasino or #ukonlinecasino

Call to action hashtags

These hashtags are meant to encourage the community to perform a specific action. As the name goes, call to action. This is a very common marketing strategy that is used on social media. Such hashtags start with a verb like “share” or “talk”. Furthermore, it is made up of a few short words that will work as an additional instruction. For example, #TalkAboutOralHelath.

Brand hashtags

Companies can also hashtag their own brand to create a hashtag of their own. In this hashtag, you can take the name of your company and hashtag it. For big sites such as nz.goldenrivieracasino.com it’s easy for them to get noticed because the name already has a keyword for the iGaming industry. In order to be successful when doing so, you need to make sure that the caption of the post is very interesting so as engage the audience.

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