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The UK’s most in-demand jobs show the case for virtual offices spaces in 2024 

by LLB Reporter
22nd Dec 23 6:02 am

Instant Offices have analysed search data to reveal a significant shift in the preferences of the UK workforce, challenging traditional perceptions of the job market.  

Traditional office roles are losing their grip as 65% of the UK workforce’s most sought-after jobs are outside the confines of a typical workplace.

According to search data showing the jobs people are searching for most, flexible roles have emerged as the clear favourites among the UK workforce. 

65% of UK’s workforce want out of the standard ‘desk job’ 

Search data has revealed a groundbreaking statistic – 65% of the UK’s potential workforce is no longer interested in typical 9-5 desk jobs. The roles that have risen in popularity the most this year from last, (see the top 10 below) highlight a growing disinterest in the conventional office-centric model and signal that people are increasingly looking for work that allows them to be on the move: 

Flexibility and remote work dominate preferences 

Results of the research show roles that offer flexibility or the option to work entirely outside of an office setting are now the most sought-after among the UK workforce. This shift underscores a growing recognition of the benefits of adaptable work arrangements that prioritize work-life balance.  

The most notable shifts in demand for remote/flexible roles include gamekeeper jobs up by 1131%, football scout jobs up by 555%, and London Underground Jobs by 120%. If you are someone who owns a business where you and your employees are always on the move, you won’t want to be tied to an office space you may not need to use very often.

This is why Instant Offices offers virtual office spaces, allowing business owners who are constantly on the move to have access to prestigious business addresses, meeting rooms in 2200 cities across the world, and desk space if you ever need the odd day at the desk.  

Blockchain development among the top in-demand in-office jobs 

While demand trends lean heavily toward non-office roles, there are some specific in-office roles that continue to thrive. Blockchain development, Actuary, and Quantity Surveyor have risen in popularity by 56%, 52%, and 51% respectively, suggesting that the death of the office is not quite upon us yet.   

In fact, many employers feel their workforce communicates better, builds better relationships and collaborates more when coming into an office environment at least once a week. 

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