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The UK could be left ‘temporarily weaker’ as British Army has no heavy guns left after sending them to Ukraine

by LLB Reporter
2nd Feb 23 2:46 pm

It has been reported that the British Army has no heavy guns left and regiments have run out of artillery after pledging to provide Ukraine with 30 working AS90s.

Providing the AS90s to Ukraine will leave the UK “temporarily weaker as an Army, there is no denying it.”

British defence chiefs are urgently seeking to replenish their stocks with K9 Thunders and Archer guns, and work is “being undertaken at pace to replenish AS90 in the short term.”

A source told The Sun, “These guns were designed to fight Russian forces. No one needs them more than Ukraine.”

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Another source added, “If gunners don’t have guns we can’t fight, we can’t train.”

General Sir Patrick Sanders told troops, “Giving away these capabilities will leave us temporarily weaker as an Army, there is no denying it.

“There is no doubt our choice will impact on our ability to mobilise the Army against the acute and enduring threat Russia presents and meet our NATO obligations.

“Our tank crews and gunners will feel the impact the most. But the decision also brings the opportunity to accelerate the modernisation and transformation of the Army ahead of Russia. Ukraine needs our tanks and guns now. I know they will put them to good use.”

A Ministry of Defence spokesperson told MailOnline, “The granting in kind of AS90 will provide an important increase in Ukraine’s capabilities and will help to accelerate Ukrainian success on the battlefield.

“Concurrently, the Army is continuing to meet its operational AS90 commitment in Estonia.”

The spokesperson said the British Army are now focused on accelerating the “Mobile Fires Platform project which is designed to deliver an enduring replacement this decade,” which are not due to arrive until 2029.

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