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The rise of the lanyard – a designer accessory

by John Saunders
22nd Jan 19 10:20 am

A lanyard is worn around the neck or the wrist to hold either a bunch of keys or identification document. Often, people think that it interferes with their sense of style. No wonder most workers will remove it from their necks whenever they get the chance. Currently, people are embracing it and have even gone ahead to buy it from renown brands. You may have noticed that people are wearing lanyards as an accessory. Well, you should expect the popularity of the accessory to increase even more in the course of the year.

Importance of accessories in fashion

Accessories help to define a personal sense of style. The way you dress as you go to work defines who you are. Accessories are important because they give clothes a complete fashionable look. As you go to work, the amount of accessory you can use is limited because you have to portray an official image. It is now possible to make the often looked down lanyard part of your office wear accessory. You can have the item designed in bright colours which can go well with the usual dull colours worn to the office. That way, you can stand out and look presentable at the same time. You can start the trend of using a lanyard as an accessory in your office. You may be surprised that everyone else will copy your style.

Why lanyards are becoming popular?

Other than holding keys and identification cards, lanyards are becoming popular because:

• These days it is possible to customize one with your own detail and colour.
• Companies and brands are customizing lanyards to have their logo and slogan.
• You can hang items such as a camera using a lanyard.
• The accessory is cool and cheap to obtain.
• Football fans and associations are customizing lanyards to have details of their teams.
• Colleges and high schools are also customizing lanyards for their students and members of the staff.
• Brands are using lanyards to promote their products and services. It is therefore not surprising to find an executive in a certain company wearing a lanyard either on their wrist or neck everywhere they go.

High fashion brands are customising lanyards

Just as people are conscious of the brands they wear, wearing a lanyard made by Prada, Louis Vuitton, Gucci, and Givenchy can improve one’s sense of style. For instance, Prada has designed a lanyard that is transparent for proper visibility of ID at 260 pounds. Givenchy, on the other hand, has released a customized lanyard at 190 pounds. Balenciaga has gone an extra mile to make a leather lanyard which costs 195 pounds and a cotton one at 175 pounds. Some brands have even introduced wallet lanyards and they are selling well in the market.

Ways you can wear the lanyard

• Around the neck

Most people will put on a lanyard around the neck. The best way to use it as an accessory is to wear neutral colours of blouses so that when the lanyard is secured at the centre it stands out. A pull neck top makes a lanyard look good as an accessory. The look is mostly seen on all fashion images of models who cat walked during winter and autumn. The lanyard can be just a simple cord that is coloured or you can wear one made of leather to portray that classy look.

• On the wrist

Some other people will opt to wear their lanyards on the wrist. Those worn on the wrist are a perfect accessory in replacement of bangles. The lanyards are often a bangle like accessory but of course with a tag containing the details of the user hanging on the side.

• On the wallet

Your lanyard can also be designed such that it is looped onto your wallet then let to hang from the pocket. Better still, you could just pin your lanyard on the pocket so that it hangs out. You have to tuck in your shirt or blouse so that it is clearly visible. Most men prefer this type of lanyard.


The lanyard has become the most outstanding accessory, especially for office wear. Major brands such as Prada, Givenchy, and Balenciaga have designed lanyards at different prices so that people can have fashionable accessories at work. They are worn either on the neck, the wrist or can be worn on the pocket. Now people can flaunt their customized lanyards as part of their attire. The lanyard is used to hang keys, identification cards, and valuable items such as cameras or your phone. Businesses also use them to promote their brands. Currently, colleges are also using lanyards for their students and staff members. You will also notice that during football matches, fans wear lanyards to display the teams they are supporting.

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