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‘The only true democratic solution is abolition’ of the House of Lords as anger grows that £3m will buy you a seat

11th Nov 21 2:58 pm

A political commentator has slammed the Conservative Party as anger is growing as £3m will buy you a seat in the House of Lords.

This comes as Conservative Party has been accused of “corruption” and Scotland Yard are being urged to launch a police investigation amid damning claims Tory donors can “pay £3m for a seat in the House of Lords.”

The Sunday Times found through an investigation that of the last 16 party treasurers all but one were offered a seat in the Lord after giving a £3m donation to the Tory party.

Political commentator Brendan O’Neil has blasted this and said the House of Lords should be abolished.

O’Neil wrote in The Spectator, “It’s time to get real about the Lords.

“Let’s quit all the talk of reform. You can’t polish a you-know-what.

“The only true democratic solution is abolition.

“The people should at the very least have a say. So how about it, Boris: a referendum on the Lords?

“The question would be simple: Retain or Abolish.

“Such a vote would galvanise the public and stir up democratic debate.

“It would enrich the political life of this country to an extraordinary degree.

“Let us plebs sit in judgment for once.”

This comes as SNP MP Peter Wishart has made calls for Scotland Yard to look into links between Tory donors and peerages.

Wishart wrote in a letter to the Metropolitan Police, “The investigation must, I believe, focus on the evidence uncovered as part of a joint investigation by the ‘openDemocracy’ website and the ‘Sunday Times’ newspaper.

“Since the Conservative party returned to power in 2010, successive prime ministers have elevated nine of the party’s former treasurers to the House of Lords.

“Each of those appointed since 2014 has donated at least £3m.

“Any investigation must uncover any process or link between these donations and the subsequent appointment of these individuals to the House of Lords.”

One insider told The Times, once a Tory donor surpasses £3m, then it is likely they will receive a peerage.

The Sunday Times quoted a former chairman that “the truth is the entire political establishment knows this happens and they do nothing about it.

“The most telling line is, once you pay your £3m, you get your peerage.”

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