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The best areas to stay in London for a business trip

by John Saunders
27th Jul 21 6:08 pm

If you have got a business trip to London, the first thing you should consider is where you will stay to make your business trip enjoyable and comfortable. Many entrepreneurs who go to London mostly get confused about the best place to pick for their stay. But do not worry because there are several aparthotel London here that you can select and enjoy your time in London.

Best places to stay in London

The resident Covent Garden

If you would like to meet your colleagues conveniently, Convent Garden would be the best place to stay. Many restaurants are around this area, and it would be easy to talk with anyone you want. It is one of the best spots in London where you can stay.

There are also other hotels you can consider booking for your stay. They may include; Vintry & Mercer, New Road Hotel, The Savoy, Dorsett City London, etc.


If it is your first time traveling to London for a business trip you should consider this area. The place will give you a city experience. There are also several restaurants and shops, and you can always enjoy traditional meals as well as London fashion.


Angel is more of a local area, but it is very lively, and you will find plenty of restaurants you can enjoy during your business trip. It is also not so far away from central London, which means you can conveniently get to your business meetings.

Notting Hill

If you enjoy going on business trips with your partner. Notting Hill can be the best place to stay with your partner. There are plenty of things to do in this area. You will sock in the London culture and enjoy bohemian style and vintage clothes when in this place.


Camden is such a wonderful place to stay, especially if you are going on a business trip as a group. The area has a park and a hill (Regents and Primrose) that you can use if you want to escape the noise of Camden market. Apart from that, there are also pubs and clubs that you can enjoy.

Stoke Newington

This is another great area that you can stay in during your business trip. What’s intriguing about this place is that it is filled with youngsters and travellers with great ideas. The best part is that independent businesses are coming up, and you will most likely experience something new.

Stoke Newington is an excellent place for forward thinkers and those who are welcoming to new ideas. This will definitely be a wonderful place for your business trip if you enjoy development.


If your business trip to London will take a few days, then Waterloo would be perfect. It is right next to London Eye and a few miles away from Buckingham Palace. Many people come to this place, and it will be a nice place to meet someone and enjoy London food.

As much as you are going on a business trip, you need to explore the outskirts of London. This means that you will need a nice area to stay to balance business and entertainment. You can consider selecting any area mentioned above depending on your preference.


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