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Some guidance in finding your perfect flooring

by John Saunders
17th Jan 22 11:00 am

With thousands of floors to choose from the options can be overwhelming. Stories Flooring believes flooring can transform a place, changing its mood and its story. They are passionate about providing you with the best craftsmanship and materials, delivered on time, at a price you can afford. With their very prominent sourcing team, the business has met many contacts around the world, which has given them the power to import products into the UK at the cheapest prices direct from the manufacturer, cutting out the wholesaler. The leading floor retailer in the UK, they believe every floor has a story. Your floor is your own backdrop, so whatever you choose make it yours. These collections are some of their favourite flooring collections

Engineered flooring

 Engineered wood has become a popular choice in many homes. Giving the same irresistible feel and an unmistakable natural look, engineered wood is a great choice throughout most of the home. Because it’s made in layers, engineered wood flooring has great stability.  The top layer features real oak, maple, or walnut, to resemble solid wood flooring. This type of flooring is perfect when you want the rustic warmth of authentic wood floors without the hassles.

Engineered wood floors also come in a variety of different finishes such as an oiled finish or lacquer which gives the floor a glossy, smooth appearance. Each provides a different level of protection, while also impacting the floor’s aesthetic design. The top layer of the floor is constructed from a real solid wood veneer. The rest of the layers are constructed with plywood, softwood or HDF. Stories Flooring offers a wide selection of oak and walnut floors that have already been oiled and lacquered for commercial and domestic installations. Great in kitchens, and conservatories however it is still a natural product so it is not recommended in any high moisture environment such as bathrooms where there is a potential for leaks.


LVT or luxury vinyl tile has become a popular solution for many modern homes and businesses. It’s often designed to look like real wood or stone and has more practical benefits than natural materials. Vinyl floor tiles have a high-quality finish, making them ideal for commercial and corporate environments. Stories Flooring’s extensive luxury vinyl tile range consists of some of the top flooring brands in the industry. They have commercial and domestic floors available in hundreds of different designs. This Portofino Dry Back Weathered Timber Floor from the top-brand Bentley is particularly beautiful and can be installed in any room.  These high-quality, realistic wood effect floors with their detailed surface and impressive wear are visually striking, versatile, and easy to install in any room.

Parquet flooring

The traditional parquet design can add a classic and contemporary twist to your traditional or modern home, giving an extra edge of elegance. Loved by many, this style of flooring is soaring in popularity due to its stylish and chic appeal. The tough nature of this flooring makes it suitable for a variety of spaces, including hallways and lounges. Stories Flooring provides a range of different options such as laminated options and wood effects in oak brown ensuring you find something to match your own requirements in their collections.

Laminate flooring

Laminate flooring is a versatile and resilient flooring type that boasts a classic look that wears well over time. It is also an affordable option to solid hardwood and engineered wood flooring. These floors feature multiple layers and feature an HDF core layer. There is also a decorative layer that uses high-end printing technology to mimic the natural material the floor represents.

Laminate floors come in a range of patterns, shades, and surface textures. The unique tile design is really what sets the Quick-Step Exquisa range apart, the multiple tiles creating a unique and distinctive look. With this type of flooring, it is easy to find a floor that matches your interior décor exactly. Laminate flooring is great for households with children and pets as well as commercial premises demanding a low upkeep. Vacuum every day to get rid of dirt and dust. In case of spills and stains, clean using a damp mop. Thanks to the durable protective layer used on the floor surface, these kinds of floors are resistant to scratches, dents, heavy knocks, and the impact of falling objects. As a result, you’ll find them a great addition to areas that see heavy traffic. These floors are highly recommended if you are looking for a beautiful fuss-free floor that stays that way for several years down the line.

SPC vinyl tile floors

SPC is the latest in flooring technology. It cleverly blends the aesthetic benefits of wood with the practical benefits of stone to create a unique vinyl plank.  SPC stands for stone plastic composite. This means that the cores of the floors are made with a combination of stabilisers and limestone. This produces a durable and stable floor that will stay in place for years to come. This is reflected in the Longevity SPC Honey Oak floor which is one of the toughest floors on the market. It also comes with a fantastic lifetime residential manufacturer’s guarantee.

SPC vinyl flooring not only boasts all the functional and aesthetic benefits of standard vinyl floor tile but enhances them through a rigorous practical design. The thickness of the floors makes them more comfortable than standard vinyl. They are also more sound absorbent. This makes them ideal for apartments and busy households. You will find SPC is available in a range of sizes and finishes. They are easy to install thanks to included advanced click systems. You can also install the floors yourself, cutting down the cost of installation. Stories Flooring’s price match also guarantees you will never pay less for these floors elsewhere.

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