Simple Health Kitchen: Healthy and wholesome food for those on the go


Trying to stay healthy?

Simple Health Kitchen was born after founder Bradley Hill went from being a professional rugby player to a personal trainer in May 2012 . Hill contracted an abscess on his spinal cord which spread up his spinal column.

This meant he had to go for emergency surgery, he was paralysed from the neck down and had to learn to walk again.

After a long time in recovery, Hill managed to get back into work as a personal trainer and decided to open Simple Health Kitchen in January 2016.

Simple Health Kitchen is located on St.Paul’s on Watling Street, customers can order from an array of healthy food with compelling flavours. An average dish at Simple Health Kitchen will set you back £6.90.

You can get hold of protein pots, snacks, and desserts which are all equally healthy. All dishes avoid refined sugars, there’s even many options for those following dairy or gluten free diets.

Not only this but the cafe serves inhouse cold pressed juices and smoothies.

Simple Health Kitchen is open from 7:30am until 9pm Monday to Friday, the firm also has its very own corporate delivery service for local businesses.