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Khan has no ‘legal powers’ to help Kyiv’s request for scrapped cars under ULEZ to be used ‘for life-saving roles’

by LLB political Reporter
16th Dec 23 4:41 pm

The Mayor of London has turned down Kyiv’s request to cars set to be scrapped which would be used in a “variety of life saving” roles because he has no “legal powers.”

Former heavyweight boxing champion Vitalii Klitschko, the Mayor of Kyiv approached Khan asking for cars set to be scrapped under London’s ULEZ (Ultra Low Emission Zone) programme, where drivers receive a one of payment of £2,000 if they scrap a car that does not meeting environmental regulations.

In September, Klitschko sent the Mayor of London a letter after he learned of the capital’s ULEZ scheme, he asked if some vehicles could be sent to Ukraine.

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The Mayor of Ukraine’s capital, Kyiv said that this would provide an “enormous potential” and the cars could be used in a “variety of life-saving and transport roles,” The Telegraph reported.

Khan responded to Kyiv’s Mayor on 12 December saying he will not allow the suggested proposal as this does not meet the “legal threshold,” as it requires the ULEZ scheme to benefit Londoners.

He added, that the ULEZ scheme for Londoners benefits an “economic, social and environmental perspective.”

The Telegraph said that under the ULEZ rule which cover 4×4 vehicles, pick up truck and other larger cars are “desperately needed on the frontline.”

A spokesperson for the Mayor of London told us by email, “Sadiq wants to support Ukraine in any way he can and is deeply frustrated that sending Londoners’ non-compliant ULEZ vehicles to Ukraine via the scrappage scheme is not within his legal powers.

“So instead he has set up a website enabling Londoners who have a suitable non-compliant vehicle to donate their vehicles directly to Ukraine.

“He’s also asked the GLA to work with TfL, London Fire Brigade and the Met to see whether they can send any suitable vehicles to Ukraine – and a number of London fire engines have already gone to help the cause.”

In December 2022 a charity sourcing vehicles for the frontline named Car4Ukraine.com, reached out asking car dealers to help them find used cars which will support Ukrainian troops.

Last December we reported that the charity are appealing for pick-ups to rescue civilians to help combat Russian troops, and some farmers have already provided Ukraine with suitable vehicles.

They are asking for suitable models of pick-up trucks, which include the Mitsubishi L200, Nissan Navara and Ford Ranger and they will then be retrofitted with armour plating and machine guns.

The charity has said right hand drive vehicles are ideal because it confuses Russian snipers.

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