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Russian ex-hacker reveals secrets of Visa and MasterCard

by Yanina Noel
6th Mar 19 5:59 am

When was the last time you used cash? Payments  have almost completely become digital around the world. Only the US national totals for card payments reached $6.48 trillion in 2017, according to The Federal Reserve Payments Study:
2018 Annual Supplement. However,  the popularity of  non-cash payments has resulted in countless frauds and risks, so it’s becoming crucial for everyone to be online payment savvy.

We came across a unique payment guideline for self-study. It’s written by Dmitry Artimovich, who on several previous occasions had been referred to as a “Russian hacker” by the world’s largest news publications (The New York Times, Associated Press, etc). We won’t speculate on the “Russian” part of his background as the author is currently one of the top experts in the online payment industry with something to share.

“The development of chip-enabled cards significantly reduced the possibility of their forgery. Having lost the ability to read the magnetic strip, scammers focused on online transactions. Two vectors of attacks became prominent: the customers and the infrastructure of online merchants and processing systems”.

In over 200 pages, the book “Online Payment Solutions” summarizes milestones of Visa and MasterCard payment systems as well as providing some lifehacks and professional insights. Dmitry reveals the weaknesses of payment systems, as well as the imperfections of the legislation that leaves  bank card users unprotected. We enjoyed the detailed comparison of payment system rules in different countries.

Main chapters

  • Rules of payment systems, legislation and technical issues, risks of Visa & MasterCard payment systems for cardholders, merchants, and acquiring banks
  • Financial system basics
  • Evolution of Visa and MasterCard payment systems, settlement participants
  • Technical integration (basic operations, derived operations, PCI DSS)
  • Risks (acquirer’s responsibility, dispute resolution, chargebacks and time limits, 3-D secure, fraud advice, non-compliance assessments, etc)
  • Costs of conducting internet payments (transaction cost, interchange fees, interchange plus, surcharge)
  • High-risk processing (Visa global brand protection program, MasterCard rules, business risk assessment and mitigation (BRAM) program)

Online Payment Solutions will be useful for anyone willing to escape unwanted financial risks as well as Internet acquiring professionals and  fintech investors who are considering sales market extension or product launches in Europe and the Russian Federation.

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