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Russia dangerously ‘risks dividing its forces’ as it seeks ‘to prevent a Ukrainian breakthrough’

by Mark Channer War Correspondent
2nd Sep 23 2:37 pm

Russian forces are playing dangerous tactics as they are risking “dividing its forces” in an attempt to distract Ukraine from its counteroffensive.

This would inevitably force a divide to Russian troops between Orikhiv (Zaporizhia region) and Kupiansk (Kharkiv region), the UK Ministry of Defence (MoD) on their Saturday intelligence report.

Once the Russian troops are divided from the rest of their troops they will be weakened in strength and numbers and can be encircled, trapped, killed or taken as a prisoner of war.

The British intelligence update said on Saturday, “Ukrainian Forces continue to take offensive action on the Orikhiv axis in southern Ukraine, with units reaching the first Russian main defensive line.

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“Russian Forces, primarily composed of the 58 Combined Arms Army and Russian Airborne Forces elements, seek to halt the Ukrainian counter-offensive whilst maintaining their own offensive on the northern axis around Kupiansk.”

Given that Russia has made modest gains near Kupiansk since the Ukrainian counter-offensive starte in June, Kyiv’s forces are highly likely seeking to capitalise on these by continuing to resource the axis, the intelligence said.

It added, “However, Russia risks dividing its forces as it seeks to prevent a Ukrainian breakthrough.”

In Bakhmut the situation is developing in a positive direction for Ukrainian forces and fighting is actively continuing.

Ukrainian soldiers are making good gains in area of the settlements of Kurdiumivka, Klischiivka and Andriivka, Deputy Defense Minister of Ukraine Hanna Maliar has said.

On Friday evening Maliar said, “In Bakhmut direction, the situation is developing very actively, there are hot battles.

“If we talk about the territory south of Bakhmut, then we have Kurdiumivka – the epicenter of hostilities, Klischiivka and Andriivka, areas of these settlements.

“It is ‘hot’ in these areas, but our Armed Forces have some success there.”

She said during active hostilities, it is difficult to talk about what kind of promotion, since “combat operations are dynamics.”

“It happens that in one day the position of the two sides changes several times,” the deputy minister said.

Speaking about the northern flank in Bakhmut area, she said Russian troops continue to attack there who are trying to force the Ukrainian forces out of their positions there.

But our Armed Forces are very powerfully resisting there, and the enemy is not able to do this,” she added.

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