Home Business News Ukrainian drone hits major Russian missile factory near to Moscow as Kyiv increases attacks

Ukrainian drone hits major Russian missile factory near to Moscow as Kyiv increases attacks

by LLB political Reporter
1st Sep 23 4:39 pm

A major Russian missile factory has been hit by a Ukrainian drone and footage shows it was seen “burning” with thick black smoke filling the sky above.

This is that latest retaliatory attacks across the border on the Russian Federation at the Tomilinsky Electronic Plant in Lyubertsy near Moscow.

Mayor Serhiy Sobyanin said on Telegram that Russian air defences had prevented another attack on their soil.

Sobyanin wrote on Telegram, “Near Lyubertsy, another attempt to fly a drone to Moscow was stopped. There were no injuries or damage.

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“Emergency services are working at the scene. Thanks to the military for not letting us spoil the Day of Knowledge!”

According to a report, “It was the Ukrainian Ministry of Defence operation, it was a success and there will be more”, said a source according to Ukrainskaya Pravda.

Ukrainian military intelligence spokesman Andrey Yusov said, “A workshop producing electronics for missiles is on fire. Why it burns and who made it burn, we do not comment.

“But the fact is it is burning. And the statements of representatives of the Moscow authorities that they shot down something do not correspond to reality.”

On Friday a senior Ukrainian official has warned Vladimir Putin that drone attacks “by agents” will increase as Kyiv promises to ramp up strikes.

Over the past months there has been a steady increase in drone attacks on Russia, which comes as the Russian Federation was hit with the “biggest ever drone attack” since the war started on 24 February 2022.

The presidential advisor Mykhailo Podolyak said in an interview in Kyiv that peace talks have now been ruled out and that any negotiations with Moscow will amount to “capitulation,” Reuters reported.

Podolyak said, “As for Russia … there is an increasing number of attacks by unidentified drones launched from the territory of the Russian Federation, and the number of these attacks will increase.

“Because this is the stage of the war when hostilities are gradually being transferred to the territory of the Russian Federation.”

On Friday Russia’s Defence Ministry said that they had destroyed 281 Ukrainian drones in a week, and 29 were intercepted in the western regions of Russia as the drone war intensifies.

The Ministry said in a statement on Friday, “281 Ukrainian unmanned aerial vehicles were destroyed, including one Tu-141 Strizh, as well as 29 Ukrainian UAVs in the western regions of the Russian Federation.”

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