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Ukrainian soldiers ‘prefer to maim and not kill’ Russians so they ‘will be a burden on the state’ in Russia

23rd Mar 23 4:56 pm

Ukrainian soldiers have described how and why they “prefer to main and not kill” Russian troops to “take an arm or a leg off” which will serve as a reminder for the Russian people the true cost of Vladimir Putin’s war.

Fighting in Ukraine is becoming more and more bloody by the day as the battles being fought are some of the worst which has not been seen since the Second World War.

Speaking to The Times a group of Ukrainian soldiers called Thor special operations group told the paper about the fierce fighting near to Zaporizhzhia.

Ammunition is running low on both sides and the special operations group said that maiming Russian troops is more effective than killing them.

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Ukrainian soldier Aleksander told the paper, referring to plastic bottles which are filled with explosives, “These ones are to wound the Russians.

“Take an arm or a leg, he will be a burden on the state forever.

“It’s better than killing them. He will remind the Russian people of the cost of Putin’s war. And that they might be next.”

The Thor group were established last year and consists of 27 soldiers and defended Kyiv against Russian tanks when the war started.

The group’s commander added, “We select targets in the program, and targets can be placed there both by the CIA satellite and by our own satellite, which our volunteers pay for.

“Information is collected from all kinds of sources there.

“We choose, then we arrive and conduct our own reconnaissance.

“Our group does not act in the same way as the army does. Because if we act like an army, then we will quickly run out of luck.

“Someone can give an order completely without understanding what he is doing. After all, the army still has a mentality like a hangover from Soviet times.”

In the salt mining city of Bakhmut Ukrainian soldiers will take advantage that Russian forces are suffering with fatigue and have lost thousands of troops over the past month.

commander of the Ground Forces of Ukraine, Oleksandr Syrskyi praised the “superhuman resilience, courage, and bravery” of his soldiers.

The Ukrainian troops have been under a constant and heavy barrage of Russian artillery and Commander Syrskyi said, “The aggressor does not give up hope of taking Bakhmut at any cost, despite the losses in manpower and equipment.”

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