Home Business News New intelligence warns Putin ‘is preparing for large scale war’ with NATO ‘as early as 2026’

New intelligence warns Putin ‘is preparing for large scale war’ with NATO ‘as early as 2026’

24th Jun 24 4:02 pm

The Institute for the Study of War (ISW) has said that according to Russian financial, economic and military indicators is strongly suggesting that Vladimir Putin is preparing for a large scale war with NATO.

The ISW warned that Moscow are preparing for “large-scale conventional” war “as early as 2026 or 2027” against NATO, according to ISW who have been very accurate with their reports to date.

New intelligence “indicates” that Russia could attack “a NATO country” withing two to five years.

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The ISW report reads, “Polish President Andrzej Duda emphasized in a March 20 interview with CNBC that Putin is intensifying efforts to shift Russia to a war economy with the intention of being able to attack NATO as early as 2026 or 2027, citing unspecified German research.

“Danish Defense Minister Troels Lund Poulsen stated on February 9 that new intelligence indicates that Russia may attempt to attack a NATO country within three to five years, an accelerated timeline from NATO’s reported assessment in 2023.

“The timeline for the reconstitution of a significant Russian conventional military threat depends heavily on the financial resources Putin is willing to put against military efforts.”

Putin has placed Russia’s economy on to a war footing and Russian military are continuing to make structural reforms as well as keeping up support for the war in Ukraine.

Western Sanctions seem to be having little affect in the long term as Russia is expanding their conventional capabilities in preparation for a large-scale conflict with NATO.

Russia is also preparing for a number of measures to strengthen their military and conventional weapons for a potential war with NATO, these are no part of the conflict in Ukraine.

ISW analysts warned that Russia is preparing internal finances within their military for future large-scale conflict with NATO, this also excludes the ongoing conflict in Ukraine.

Putin has been making ongoing changes within the military leadership which they believe could also be indicators that Moscow is preparing for a long-term war, outside of Ukraine.

The ISW said, “Putin is likely attempting to set conditions to stabilise Russia’s long-term financial position at a higher level of government expenditure.

“Russia does not appear to be facing imminent financial crisis, and increased military spending has been the most significant change in Russian budgetary policy, so efforts to secure Russia’s financial future are much more likely intended to set long-term conditions than to address immediate financial concerns.”

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