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Russia and US conduct ‘large scale’ emergency public warning tests

by LLB political Reporter
4th Oct 23 11:33 am

On Wednesday morning Russia conducted a nationwide emergency public warning tests involving sirens, radio broadcasts and television programmes were interrupted with security information.

Russia’s goal is to assess the readiness of officials in raising public awareness and to assess the warning systems.

The Ministry said, “The warning system is designed to timely convey a signal to the population in the event of a threat or emergency of a natural or man-made nature.”

Adding, “When you hear the sound of a siren, you need to remain calm and not panic, turn on the TV – any publicly accessible channel or radio – and listen to the information message.”

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The US are also conducting “large-scale” tests of their public warning systems and the Federal Emergency Management Agency said, this is to ensure the warning systems “continue to be effective in alerting the public to emergencies, particularly at the national level.”

On Tuesday Vladimir Putin ordered the preparation for “armed conflicts involving nuclear powers,” to put “fear” into Russia citizens to turn them further against the West, and expert has claimed.

Irina Tsukerman, a national security lawyer and geopolitical analyst, and President of Scarab Rising, told Daily Express US: “Putin is not seriously concerned about possibility of a nuclear or other major scale attack by NATO.

The drone attacks on buildings do not warrant such preparations.

Tsukerman said: “The practice of martial law is particularly useful as Putin continues to crack down and isolate Russia from external influence.

“The current circumstances allow plausible deniability for a crackdown using Western liability as an excuse to redirect outrage away from the leadership – and to get buy-in from the masses for upcoming further – and likely long-term restrictions.”

She added: “In reality, Russia is not preparing for a nuclear attack; it’s preparing for a long-term imposition of internal restrictions, such as martial law.

“It does not really matter whether anyone believes it, but at least a portion of the population is sufficiently indoctrinated to accept the official explanation.”

She continued, “As over-the-top as these preparations and information warfare steps may seem to the informed strategists, they are actually quite effective because of all the preparatory work Russia has already done to ensnare its own population into an anti-Western compliant mindset and in terms of sowing panic and confusion abroad.”

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