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‘Putin’s squads’ tell UK ‘get out of Ukraine’ and blames MI6 warning ‘your games will end badly’

by LLB Reporter
2nd Oct 23 4:27 pm

A video has appeared with “Putin’s squads” telling the UK to “get out of Ukraine” and said that British Intelligence started the war between Kyiv and Moscow.

The group of elderly women called “Putin’s squads” have sparked much controversy by blaming MI6 for Vladimir Putin’s war on Ukraine.

The video starts with a woman shouting, “I would like to say on behalf of the ‘Putin’s squads’ that every Russian knows behind all of the missile strikes on Crimea and the Crimean bridge stand not Ukrainians, but the British intelligence service MI6.

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“All of that is set up by them. People in Britain shouldn’t hope that Russians will ever forget it. We remember it all, we will not forget that and all of that will be retaliated.”

Another woman said, “20,000 British people gave their lives for your horrible deeds in Ukraine.

“There are hungry people all over the place. Peaceful people are dying. Why don’t you love your own people?

“We have to respect them and not barge into another country. Get out of Ukraine!”

A third gave a dire warning, stating, “Your games will end badly for your own country!”

Anna Komsa, EU International Affairs & Intercultural Negotiator for Eastern Europe, wrote on X, “Is it really worth it to film these grannies in Russia?

If Putin had an army of his weirdos, we’d almost be worried.

Anton Gerashchenko, who posted the video on X, mocked the women’s claims, “‘Get out of Ukraine!’, they chant. A sound piece of advice to themselves.”

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