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Qualities of a good leader

by John Saunders
18th Oct 18 9:50 am

Qualities of a good leader

When you think of the word “leader” what comes to your mind? Do you think of a boisterous and confident person marching into a battlefield, with a throng of loyal supporters behind them who are all waiting for instructions and following their every move?

Leaders are confident and charismatic individuals who are capable of taking charge and guiding people to the finish line. But the question remains; what makes someone a leader? And more so, a good one? Is it their unwavering confidence,their ability to give coherent instructions, orboss people around effectively?

A leader can only be successful if he or she is willing to be as much a part of the team as any other person. Being aleader doesn’t mean you sit atop your throne and give out ordersRather, leaders work with theteammates and collectively strive for greatness.

According to Brian Tracy “Becoming a leader, however, requires that you understand the leadership role and responsibility of being an effective leader. Individuals in a leadership role must strive to make better choices and decisions for the sake of others.”

There is no need for hierarchies and labels; a leader is simply someone who has enough compassion, diligence, and modesty to lead without being the front-runner. What does that mean? Here are six qualities that every good leader must have;

Be devoted and diligent:

You must be willing to work hard always and in many cases, harder than all your teammates. As the leader, you have more responsibilities than anyoneelse and to make sure you are on top of your game, neverslack. The team is counting on you.

Appreciate your team:

Boosting one another’s confidence is important if everyone is to succeed. There will always be inconsistencies and disagreements, but you must never let that overshadow the larger picture; that you are in this together. As the leader, you must keep the morale of your team high and always appreciate even the smallest of efforts, it goes a long way.

Confidence is key:

You must be confident in your own abilities as a leader, as well as your team’s efforts and strengths. You must be willing to face all the challenges that come with being the leader.

For example, if there are financial issues, you must know where to turn for a business loan or how to make ends meet. Business Advisor Bill Baker from Lend Capital says “Most business leaders are generalists. They are adept in many varying responsibilities, they extend beyond finance, human resource and operations.”

Honesty is always the best policy:

It is very important that you build a trustworthy, honest foundation. Always be truthful to your teammates and encourage integrity. This will lead to better relationships amongst your team members. An honest and courageous leader will never shy from laying down the law and telling it how it is. You must tackle difficult issues, voice unpopular opinions, and give honest feedback.

 Be Kind. Be Compassionate:

A compassionate leader is always, always appreciated by the team. There is nothing more relieving than having someone who understands the individual needs of each member and is willing to listen. A good leader is open to new ideas and change. No one prefers a know-it-all or a dictator as a leader.

 Check yourself before you wreck yourself:

Be very aware of your own biases and shortcomings. Be open to constructive criticism, and recognise your own prejudices. It is very important that you remain impartial with your teammates and avoid favoritism in any shape, way, or form. This can be very damaging to the entire dynamic of the team.

There is no one right way to be a good leader and no one can teach you how to be one either. It is all about how willing you are to step up to the challenge of being the best possible version of yourself, as leadership is so much more than just a position to hold. People look up to you, and it is your job to be an amalgamation of everything you want your team to be.

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