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Putin sends soldiers with ‘a weeks’ training to the front and is set to launch attacks elsewhere

by LLB political Reporter
27th Nov 23 3:06 pm

Kyiv are preparing and are “getting ready” as Vladimir Putin is set to launch attacks in the northern border of Ukraine.

Putin will expand his so called “special military operation” from the frontline in the eastern and southern regions to the northern border.

There has been a lot of improvements in Russian technology recently and Putin has ramped up weapons production, this is being seen as possible sign that the Kremlin are planning to launch new attacks elsewhere in Ukraine.

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Lieutenant General Serhii Naiev, responsible for Ukraine’s northern border defence, told ABC News Ukraine are preparing for this.

He said, “We are getting ready for that. We’re building defences, putting mines, and training our forces.”

Putin is also pouring more soldiers into the battlefields as more than 325,000 Russian troops have now perished.

A captured Russian soldier told his Ukrainian counterparts that he was only given “a week” of training before being thrown into the front as the battle for Avdviika is still raging.

The Russian prisoner of war (PoW) called Nikolai said that he is one of around 30 others who received just one “week” of training and at least six have been killed with more than 15 wounded, he told AFP that he decided to surrender.

The British Defence Secretary Grant Shapps said on Monday that Putin is “senselessly sending more Russians to die.”

Shapps wrote on X, “Putin is stepping up his invasion – senselessly sending more Russians to die than at any time since the war began.

“Ukrainian bravery and Western support is holding back their advance, but we cannot be complacent. Ukraine needs our unwavering support to fight & win.”

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