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Russian ‘cannon fodder’ who have been mobilised will only receive ‘two weeks training’ and they ‘will not survive’

23rd Sep 22 12:55 pm

On Wednesday Vladimir Putin ordered the mobilisation of tens of thousands of Russian civilians to go and fight in Ukraine.

Gennady Zyuganov, the General Secretary of the Communist has said the newly “mobilised youths” will only be given a “two week training course” and will then be thrown in to Ukraine and will be forced to fight against the highly trained and battle hardened Ukrainian armed forces.

To put this into perspective, a British Army recruit initial phase 1 training can take between 26 and 28 weeks.

Then after this the soldier will then move to phase 2 which involves specialist training which is designed to prepare the soldier for their first appointment, this can take up to 49 weeks depending on which trade he or she decides on.

The Russian MP has said that Russian businesses and citizens will now be forced to contribute to Putin’s war.

Zyuganov said in a speech that the newly “mobilised youths” who “will fight” in Ukraine will only receive “two weeks” training and added, “That should be enough.”

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A retired senior British Army officer said that Putin’s partial mobilisation of reservists are simply “cannon fodder” for the war in Ukraine.

Speaking to Times Radio, Major General Jones said, “They are reservists, they have got some military training, but you cannot throw them into a fight like Ukraine and expect them to survive without some additional training.

“They [Russia] don’t have the wherewithal to train numbers at that scale.

“They don’t have the leaders, the officers, with the experience to come back out of the line to train them.”

He then expressed his concerns over Moscow’s lack of military equipment, he warned, “We have heard they have got to be equipped and we know the Russian’s don’t have the equipment.”

Major General Jones added, “The whole thing is pretty ill-conceived.

“At best, from a Russian perspective, they can push cannon fodder – it’s a horrible term, but cannon fodder into the fight.

“They will get short shrifts from the Ukrainians. All of this is telling us the Ukrainians have a continuing window to keep the pressure on the Russians.”

The British Ministry of Defence warned the partial mobilisation decree is likely to be “highly unpopular” amongst the Russian population.

A report declared: “The move is effectively an admission that Russia has exhausted its supply of willing volunteers to fight in Ukraine.”

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