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Priti Patel shakes up immigration to points based system

by Mark Fitt Political Journalist
19th Feb 20 11:35 am

The Home Secretary Priti Patel has introduced a new points-based system on immigration and said the new system will bring policy back to the control of the government for the “first time in decades.”

she said it is “right” people should speak English before they come to the UK and must have an offer of employment and a sponsored route through either employment or an academic institution.

She told the PA news agency, “On January 1 2021, we’ll be ending the free movement of labour from the EU, but excitingly this will be our new system an immigration system that enables the government to take back control of our own immigration policy for the first time in decades, and it will mean that we will have a global immigration system that doesn’t discriminate between EU and non-EU, and it’ll basically mean that the brightest and the best will be able to come to the United Kingdom to bring their real talents which we’ll recognise through a points-based system.”

When saked whether individuals who have an offer from an academic institution, but do not speak English, would they still be allowed to come to the UK, Patel said, “We’re being very clear about this, this is a system that puts the British government in control of its immigration policy for the first time in decades.

“I’m here at Imperial College and I’ve been looking at the route for global talent, people that obviously will need to speak English, have an offer from an institution, global talent routes, scientists, mathematicians, academics, the people that absolutely should be coming to our amazing institutions, such as Imperial College and other first-class universities across the country, to very much work and learn at universities, but obviously to work in partnership this university (Imperial College) works with businesses as well to develop skills, the future skills that our economy and our country needs.

“And, yes, it is right that people should speak English before they come to our country, that they should have a sponsored route, whether it’s through employment or a sponsored route through an academic institution.”

Richard Burge, Chief Executive of London Chamber of Commerce and Industry said, “Businesses will welcome that the Government has set the minimum salary threshold for skilled migrants closer to £25,000, than the initially suggested £30,000.

“They will also be relieved by the lowering of the threshold for what’s considered skilled, as well as a suspension of the cap on skilled workers.

“It’s good to see the Government beginning a programme of engagement, as businesses and their employees will need to know how the system will work in practice.

“With the reduction in overall levels of migration, it is vital that the UK’s domestic skills system provides the training that its citizens need in order to access jobs.

“Employers are a key part of this. Whether it be T-levels, apprenticeships, or other schemes, businesses and business groups must be ready to work with Government and the public sector to ensure that relevant skills are acquired and applied.

“Ultimately, businesses share the Government’s aim that the delivery of the immigration and skills systems give public and private sector employers access to talent at all levels.”

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