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Police responding to ‘gunshots’ at Notre Dame Paris

6th Jun 17 3:59 pm

Breaking: Terror attack confirmed

Police in Paris say they are responding to reports of gunshots at Notre Dame cathedral.

Officials are telling people to stay away from the area, one of the French capital’s most popular tourist sites.

French media have reported that an unknown man attacked a French police officer with a hammer, the police fired two shots at the man in the chest and he is now in hospital. The attacker was also carrying kitchen knives, a hammer and other unsophisticated weapons. 

French Interior Minister Gerard Collomb said the attacker shouted “it’s for Syria” as he attacked the police officer. French officials have confirmed this is a “terrorist incident.”

Some 900 people are still inside the cathedral. Pictures on social media show some holding their hands up.

Someone who is at Notre Dame posted this ‘unverified video’ on Twitter:

This person posted this dramatic ‘unverified video’ showing many people running:

Eyewitnesses said tourists ran for cover and Kellyn Gorman, an American tourist said: “I was about to come inside [Notre Dame] and heard the noise, the gunshots, turned around and saw the assailant on the ground where they had shot him.”

“It was very safe, very quickly contained.”

Another person has posted this picture of 900 tourists holding thier hands in the air and they are still trapped.

This person postes on Twitter: “The attacker on the floor after being neutralized.”

A French journallist posted this on Twitter: “A man on the ground in front of our Lady (there is 1 / 2 h). In the meantime he was evacuated”

A holidaymaker posted on Twitter: “Not the holiday experience wanted. Trapped in Notre Dame Cathedral after police shoot a man. We are with our 2 terrified children.”

This has just been posted on Twitter:

French police said: “The situation at Notre Dame is under control. One police officer injured, the attacker has been neutralised and taken to hospital.”


France has been in a state of emergency since terrorist attacks took place in Paris left 130 people dead in 2015.


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