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People urged not to delete NHS app as it is ‘preventing new cases’ daily which is helping us to all ‘go on holiday’

by LLB staff reporter
26th Jul 21 3:08 pm

One of the scientists behind the NHS Covid app is strongly urging people not to delete it as it is “preventing new cases” and is working well.

Professor Christophe Fraser, who is the chief scientific advisor for the app, assured users and said, “It might not feel like it right now, but this app is your ally.”

Over the last two weeks more than 1.2m people have been pinged and told to self-isolate which is helping to reduce “new cases hospitalistions every day” protecting more and more Brits.

Professor Fraser warned that if people do delete or turn off the notifications of the app, then the short gain will risk more infections then there will be more restrictions later on.

Speaking to the Daily Mirror the chief scientific advisor for the app said, “Like many people, I am enjoying more freedom and would be annoyed to now have to self-isolate.

“But deleting the app is not a good move.

“As one of the scientists who designed it, I can tell you that the app does work and is doing exactly what it is supposed to do.

“Our research showed that over the winter period, use of the app helped reduce the size of the epidemic by roughly 14% to 24%.

“And it is still working now, preventing new cases and hospitalisations every day.”

Despite this hundreds of thousands have deleted the app which has caused the “pingdemic”  and hit the food industry to “crisis point” as there are not enough staff in supermarkets or the supply chain.

He said the data shows the app is contacting the number of people who have been in contact with those who are infected precisely, and rejects that the apps’ Bluetooth signal is too sensitive.

Professor Fraser said, “Tweaking the app to make it less sensitive in the face of the more infectious Delta virus is not the right move because the app slows the epidemic, resulting in fewer cases.”

Adding, “Deleting the app now might allow you to go away on holiday next week but if too many people choose to do that we could imperil future holidays for all of us.”

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