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Panic as bystanders mistake BBC filming for a real emergency

1st Apr 17 2:47 pm

What happened?

Residents in Shepherd’s Bush green on Thursday evening were fearful of a serious police incident when they saw forensic tents, police officers and ambulances on the green as the BBC were filming.

At the same time as the BBC were filming a real incident took place only yards away when the real police were called to an incident involving a suspect road rage attack.

Anne Cole who is a freelance radio producer told the Standard: “there were police everywhere,” and “initially I thought oh my god, what’s going on?”

“There was genuine panic on people’s faces, especially after the incident on Westminster Bridge last week.”

“A man who came up to me and asked what was going on was really panicked. Lots of people were just standing on the opposite side of the road watching.”

“It wasn’t until I overheard someone I thought was a policeman telling someone else that the BBC was filming that I realised what was going on.”

She added: “They really ought to have put up a notice, some signs, to say what was happening. It was so bad of them to just film like that.”

The BBC said to the Standard that: “a fictional police drama was being filmed in Shepherd’s Bush last night, the Metropolitan Police Film Unit and local council were informed and two police officers were on set at all times, along with security and marshals on set specifically to advise any members of the public during filming.”

“A letter was sent in advance to all surrounding shops and residents informing them of filming and a resident’s letter was displayed in the lobbies of the surrounding tower blocks.”

“In addition to this ‘Filming In Progress’ boards were displayed in the surrounding area of Shepherds Bush Green at all times and a location manager was solely employed to liaise with residents and to manage the location.”

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