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Our favourite London lifestyle blogs

by LLB Editor
21st Feb 12 3:01 pm

Every man and his dog has a blog about London. Some are good, some aren’t so good. These ones are excellent. Let us know who we’ve missed out…

Annie Mole

Going Underground’s blog

A self-confessed tube-obsessive, Annie Mole’s tube diary is a welcomed breather from the usual moans and groans we hear about Tube journeys. She digs out the most intriguing stories about London’s parallel universe of Tubes such as “Bob, the angel tube cat” or “No Trousers on the Tube Ride”.  



While, the Houses of Westminster and a black cab might star in the Twitter profile picture, the man behind this Twitter account and blog is an Italian. Duccio Manfredi moved to London in 1997 and uses his spare time to tweet about London news, events and deals. By inviting people to tweet him with their events he keeps his 30,350 followers informed and up to date on what’s happening in the capital.


Tired of London, Tired of life blog

Tired of London, Tired of Life

Another treasure trove of the capital’s goings-on, this blog is penned by Tom Jones who tips Londoners on one thing they can do every day in the capital. After five years of blogging and researching, Jones’ blog has now turned into a book boasting many London ideas that will get you excited. Today’s idea? Play crazy golf at Northwick Park

Ian Visits header

Source: Ianvisits.com


Ian Mansfield’s blog is a Goliath of interesting London musings and events that you won’t spot in the national newspapers. He’s a prolific London blogger au fait with anything and everything that goes on in London. Last month, he accused the Daily Mail of pinching his pictures and he often takes a dig at PR emails too. Trawl his blog to explore an alternative London – for example, did you know that, among other things, 1955 was the year you could catch a Helicopter from Waterloo Station to get to Heathrow? No, neither did we.


A logo of Londonist

Source: Londonist


True to its name, the Londonist champions everything from London’s latest news to its newest quirks. A big hit on Facebook and Twitter, the highlight of the Londonist is Secret, a section that has in the past unravelled the top 10 spy sites in London and revealed the names of the top London pub cats.



The Twitter stream from London blogger Peter Berthoud is a cultural cacophony. Berthoud’s main interests are in public sculpture, street art, walking tours, history and, according to his latest tweets and blog entry, cocktails.

What’s not to like there?


The twitter profile is enigmatic to say the least. “In the midst of life I woke to find myself living in an old house beside Brick Lane in the East End of London”.

But on closer inspection you can find the author behind the Spitalfields Life blog. Under the pseudonym “the gentle author” the writer has endeavoured to write 10,000 stories about Spitalfields life, at the pace of one per day…taking a grand estimation of 37 years and four months.


Diamond Geezer

The diamond geezer is a bit of a London knowledge knight who knows London like no one else. His ‘Seaside Postcard’ series point you to the direction of London’s disappearing landmarks. Also, he is a master at nailing down unthinkable London elements like the least used tube stations. Now, who would think of that?


London Historians’ blog

Founded in August 2010, this blog is an encyclopedia mapping every little detail of London’s history. Put together by Mike Paterson after he abandoned his career in the software industry to set up the blog, the writer tweets the “History of the day” that can come in handy if you want to show off how you smart and knowledgeable you are.


@LDN/Everything London

Although there’s no blog as such, @LDN is on Twitter and on Facebook as Handpicked London. With a Twitter following of 108,995 and 77,396 likes on Facebook, it’s clearly working. @LDN is one of the first port of calls to discover the bizarre and best in the capital.

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