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North Korean ammunition is ‘causing barrels of Russian artillery to explode’

by LLB political Reporter
10th Dec 23 1:46 pm

Vladimir Putin’s alliance with Kim Jong Un which is seeing North Korea delivering vast amounts ammunition is causing Russian weapons to “explode.”

Russian soldiers have been reporting that the North Korean ammunition is “very unevenly produced” and has left troops complaining to senior officers.

In November North Korea sent more than one million artillery shells to Russia and Tendar which is a social media account has found posts on Telegram were soldiers have been complaining about faulty munitions.

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Tendar posted on X, “More complaints regarding North Korean ammo.

“Russian military bloggers report that the North Korean ammunition is very unevenly produced.

The post added, “Even coming from the same production lot, it is obvious that deviations in the charge compositions and powder can be seen.

“It is very poor quality. Targeting and hitting becomes a game of luck.

This comes after reports of production deviations of the shells in terms of manufacturing tolerances which were too much outside acceptable parameters and causing barrels of Russian artillery to explode.

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