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Ukrainian army is in a mess as soldiers are ‘fed up’ feel ‘abandoned’ and are living in ‘hell’

by LLB political Reporter
6th Dec 23 12:23 pm

The Ukrainian army appears to be in a state of disarray as soldiers are speaking out about the horrors that they are going through.

Soldiers have spoken out of their experiences on the frontline in the east of Ukraine over the “hell” they are going through.

Russian forces are trying to push them out of the east bank of the Dnipro River after Ukrainian troops gained control of the area during their counteroffensive.

Speaking to the BBC a soldier based near to the village of Krynky said, “I got out after getting concussed from a mine, but one of my colleagues didn’t make it – all that was left of him was his helmet.

“I feel like I escaped from hell, but the guys who replaced us last time got into even more hell than us.

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“But the next rotation is due. My time to cross the river again is soon.”

Another soldier said: “Several brigades were supposed to be posted here, not individual companies – we just don’t have enough men.

“There are a lot of young guys among us. We need people, but trained people, not the green ones we have there now. There are guys who had spent just three weeks in training, and only managed to shoot a few times.

“It’s a total nightmare. A year ago, I wouldn’t have said that, but now, sorry, I’m fed up.

“Everyone who wanted to volunteer for war came a long time ago – it’s too hard now to tempt people with money.

“Now we’re getting those who didn’t manage to escape the draft. You’ll laugh at this, but some of our marines can’t even swim.”

Another Ukrainian soldier said that there is a “lack of drinking water” and many troops feel that “the command simply abandoned us.”

The worst could yet come as the US are to cut off funding for Ukraine by the end of the year as they will “run out of resources” and will not be able to procure more weapons.

The White House budget chief Shalanda Young warned on Monday that time is running out for Ukraine which will “kneecap” Ukrainian forces “on the battlefield.”

Young wrote a letter to House Speaker that there is “no magical pot of funding” which will end up being very damaging for Ukraine in their fight against Russian forces.

The war is now in its third winter and Vladimir Putin is playing the long game for Ukraine as he has been throwing everything at the war to win.

Young wrote, “I want to be clear: without congressional action, by the end of the year we will run out of resources to procure more weapons and equipment for Ukraine.”

“Cutting off the flow of US weapons and equipment will kneecap Ukraine on the battlefield,” she added.

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