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Kremlin warns nuclear war is imminent as there’s a ‘threat of a direct clash between Russia and NATO’

by Mark Channer War Correspondent
8th Dec 23 3:54 pm

Dmitry Medvedev has warned on Friday there will be “river of blood” as there is a threat of a “direct clash between Russia and NATO.”

The former Russian President who is now the deputy head of the Russian Security Council said never before has the world been so close a “Third World War” since the Cuban missile crisis in 1962.

On Friday the Kremlin warned the threat of a nuclear war is imminent and Medvedev said that “new rivers of blood will flow.”

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Medvedev who is Vladimir Putin’s top ally took aim at the Biden administration for sending military aid to Ukraine, he added, “never have they extorted so much money for a minor state that is in the process of collapse.”

He said that eventually the US will find money to send aid to Ukraine next year as the Biden administration will “continue during the war at any cost.”

He said, “For this loot new rivers of blood will flow, for which the Biden family…are responsible.”

Medvedev wrote on Telegram , the Biden administration is facing “the prospect of impeachment (which will hardly take place) or an election defeat (which is very likely to happen).

“Hence [they have been resorting to] heavy-handed blackmail tactics, non-stop hysteria and [making] hare-brained insinuations directed at us.”

On Wednesday Poland warned that NATO must be on alert for a Russian attack over the next three years.

The head of Poland’s national security agency, Jacek Siewiera said that Russia could attack Estonia, Romania, Lithuania and Poland who are on NATO’s eastern flank within the next 36 months.

The head of Poland’s national security agency has strongly advised NATO to expect “confrontation” and prepare.

A German think tanks has also issued a warning that NATO countries must be on alert for an escalation with Russia, said the German Council on Foreign Relations.

They said in a statement: “With its imperial ambitions, Russia represents the greatest and most ­urgent threat to NATO countries.

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