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Moscow ‘faces the danger of riots’ as Putin considers mass national drafting for the war which will be his downfall

by Mark Fitt Political Journalist
16th Sep 22 12:07 pm

Vladimir Putin is considering a mass national draft in Russia to send conscripts to Ukraine whereby he would declare a full scale war.

Putin will face a major uphill battle to find conscripts to send them to the killing fields in Ukraine and the Russian leader is facing the “danger of riots.”

Putin’s former speechwriter Abbas Gallyamov warned on CNN’s Amanpour, “You know, all the options that he has are all bad for him.”

He said that should the Russian President declare a full scale war in Ukraine his next move would to then declare a national drafting for conscripts which could dramatically backfire on him.

Ukrainian troops are making significant advances, and “If they [Russians] didn’t want to go to war at the moment when they thought it was going to be a quick blitzkrieg, definitely they are not going to do it now.

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“So, if Putin starts making this national draft, he really faces the danger of riots.”

Should Putin declare war and goes ahead with the national draft across Russia, Gallyamov says it remains unclear if “the real new forces….will be fighting Ukrainians or riots, which will overthrow him.

“So, this is a better option, like [peace] negotiations, definitely they’re ready for this now.

“But who’s going to negotiate with them? This is a problem. Zelensky refuses.

“So, to start negotiations, he should really find a successor.

“I think the next thing, which is going to happen in Russian politics within the next several months, maybe half a year, is that the elites will start looking for a successor.

“And so the political process will be going around this figure.”

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