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Military action against Iran ‘difficult to rule out’

by LLB Reporter
18th Sep 19 10:52 am

Senior US officials have told the media they have identified locations in Southern Iran where the drones and cruise missiles were launched against Saudi Arabia’s oil facilities over the weekend.

The major terrorist attacks wiped out 20% of Saudi Arabia’s oil supply sending a shock to international markets as Brent Crude rose by as much as 20% 5o $72 on Monday.

Dr Liam Fox the former defence and international trade secretary said that British military action is “difficult to rule out” against Iran.

Dr Fox told BBC Radio 4’s Today programme, “Increasingly, looking at the intelligence sources we have, it seems that is the case.”

He added, “You can’t rule anything out, nobody wants to see that – Iran haven’t ruled military involvement out to its neighbours.

“I think it’s difficult to rule out military action.”

On Saturday the major attack took place at Abqaiq, which is the worlds largest oil facility which is run by Aramco and the Khurais oilfield.

Iran has continuously denied they are responsible for the attacks.

Dr Fox said, “We have seen a constant destabilisation in the region – it now looks as though there might have been a direct attack on one of our allies in Saudi Arabia.

“This is a serious situation and we’ve got to use all the levers we can at this present time as the situation is getting out of hand… It’s also affecting the global economy if Iran continues.”

Over the weekend Mike Pompeo the US secretary of state also blamed Iran.

Dr Fox said, “Vice president Pence made it very clear the finger was strongly pointing at Iran. We know that Iran have been funding groups like Hezbollah.”

Adding, “The only way to take this forwards is for Iran to feel the pressure financially of western sanctions.”

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