Home Business News Tory MP warns the ‘penny hasn’t dropped yet that Europe is at war’ and Putin is ‘more powerful’ than Stalin was

Tory MP warns the ‘penny hasn’t dropped yet that Europe is at war’ and Putin is ‘more powerful’ than Stalin was

27th Feb 24 1:48 pm

Tory MP Tobias Ellwood has warned that Vladimir Putin is far “more dangerous” and allot “more powerful” than what Joseph Stalin ever was.

Ellwood warned that the “penny hasn’t dropped yet that Europe is at war” and we all need “to wake up” to understand what “Putin’s intensions are.”

Ellwood who is a former British Army officer warned that it is “possible” that Ukraine may not be able to claim “any form of victory.”

Ellwood who has just returned from Ukraine said that it “is a very sombre mood” there at the moment.

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On Monday evening Ellwood told ITV’s Peston programme, “Putin is more dangerous, more powerful than Stalin, and until we wake up to that, what Putin’s intentions are, then it’s possible that Ukraine may not be able to claim any form of victory.”

Stalin led the Soviet Union from 1924 until 1953 when he died and was responsible for executions, famines and was in charge of ethnic cleansing which saw millions killed.

Ellwood who is the chair of the Defence Select Committee warned, “The penny hasn’t dropped yet that Europe is at war.

“We are involved in that war and if Putin is able to claim any form of success he’ll move further than Ukraine in various forms, affecting our economy, affecting Europe’s security as well.

“We sometimes paint this picture that Russia is not doing well, it is true, 3,000 tanks that they’ve lost, over half a million casualties, but Putin is emptying his prisons to replenish them.

“He’s actually moving his whole economy to a war footing. He is surviving.”

The French President Emmanuell Macron has said that Russia is the “sole aggressor,” adding, “We are not at war with the Russian people. We just don’t want to let them win.”

Macron said that there is “no consensus” to send Western troops to fight in Ukraine then said that “nothing should be excluded.”

The French President said, “There was no consensus today to send troops on to the ground in a manner that’s official, assumed and endorsed.

“But on the dynamic, nothing should be excluded. We will do everything so that Russia cannot win this war.”

“We should not exclude that there might be a need for security that then justifies some elements of deployment,” he added.

“But I’ve told you very clearly what France maintains as its position, which is a strategic ambiguity that I stand by.”

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