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Estonia will provide military support for Ukraine

28th Feb 24 7:49 am

Estonia have announced that they will allocate 0.25% of the country’s gross domestic product for military support to Ukraine.

The Estonian Prime Minister Kaja Kallas has said at a meeting in Paris that this will be for the next four years.

Kallas said, “Estonia’s long-term military support for Ukraine will amount to 0.25% of our GDP over the next four years.

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The Estonian Prime Minister said, “We can’t waste time because Ukraine needs urgent help with arms first. I hope Denmark’s recent decision to send all its ammunition to Ukraine will inspire others.

“We also need to look at what aid can be obtained on the world market, as the Czechs have already done.”

She is calling on allies to help Kyiv now, Kallas said that Western countries have resources, economic power and knowledge, “together we can help Ukraine win.”

Military analysts at the Institute for the Study of War (ISW) have warned that Vladimir Putin is preparing for a “large-scale conventional war against NATO.”

The military analysts who seem to have been correct on many predictions over the war in Ukraine warned that the war against NATO will be in “long term.”

On Monday Putin signed a decree reinstating Moscow and Leningrad military districts in western Russia, this has not existed in 14-years.

By officially reinstating the unoccupied and occupied Ukrainian pieces of land is a “maximalist” plan to absorb all of the five regions.

The military analysts warned that reinstating Moscow and Leningrad districts could be leading to more long-term goals for Putin.

Putin has provided a “remedy” as the western military district “stretched” Russia from the war.

The districts will now “allow Russia to simultaneously posture against NATO and streamline command and control” for Putin’s war.

The ISW said that by Putin signifying Moscow this could will be preparation “for a potential future large-scale conventional war against NATO in the long term.”

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