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Loop Legal upends traditional startup and business legal services through automation

by LLB Reporter
20th Apr 22 12:03 pm

Loop Legal is an alternative online legal services start-up which has just launched in the UK. It aims at up-ending the way start-ups and businesses obtain legal services by means of an innovative combination of automation and an e-commerce platform.

The traditional model of sourcing a suitable solicitor often requires a business to attempt to get in contact with a solicitor, who is harder to get in touch with than Boris Johnson himself, with the hopes of setting up a meeting to discuss their legal needs, whereafter, and if they are lucky, this would result in the legal services being delivered some weeks later.

Loop Legal utilises an e-commerce platform in which start ups and businesses can browse their website for fixed price legal products and services and check out immediately, with the Loop Legal solicitors rendering the services in the back end.

The real leap in innovation here is the automation that they have employed on the back end of their contract drafting services. In this regard, when a user checks out on the website and purchases a contract to be prepared, they are prompted to complete a questionnaire which automatically generates the basic aspects of that required contract for the Loop Legal solicitors to then amend and complete the drafting in respect of, in order to cater for the specific and custom needs of their clients.

What the above translates into is significant time saving on the part of the delivery of legal services, and also provides for a significant cost saving, as the traditional costs associated with the increased time to prepare a contract was inevitably passed on to the client.

“In an industry which has made it hard for start-ups and small businesses to gain access to quality legal services, we believe that our platform will provide drastically easier access to quality legal services at price points which don’t require deep pockets, and without sacrificing on quality,” said, Kyle Torrington, co-founder.

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