London’s scooter gang strikes again stealing handbags worth thousands in House of Fraser smash and grab


Here’s what happened

It has been revealed that London’s scoter gang targeted the House of Fraser in Victoria last week, they stole 33 luxury handbags worth tens of thousands.

The gang raided the Mulberry display, it took them just two minutes in the early hours of the morning, police noticed when they were driving past at 3:30 am last Tuesday.

Glass could be seen strewn across the pavement in the aftermath of the raid, axes and a crowbar were found at the burglary.

Detective constable Joanna Bellett of Westminster CID, said the raid took place between 3:19am and 3:21am on 12 September, the scooter gang were wearing helmets and gloves and made of on a number of scooters and mopeds.

Bellett said: “The raid on the department store in Victoria Street would have been very loud and will have attracted attention despite the time of night. 

“A lot of glass was smashed as entry was forced and I believe that those travelling in and around the area at the time would have seen something that can assist investigators.

“The main glass pane smashed is located directly opposite Benugo Café and Leon Restaurant.”

Bellett added: “A number of enquiries, including the recovery of detailed CCTV footage is in hand.

“I would urge any witnesses and those with information to come forward and speak to my team who are ready to take your call.” 

No arrests have been at this time.

Police need the public’s help in identify these scooter gangs, the police are struggling to catch them due to the law not allowing officers to chase them due to the dangers of a police pursuit.

If anyone has information please call Westminster CID on: 07500 766 462 or call Crimestoppers anonymously on: 0800 555 111