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Labour blasts the government has given ‘£500 million to make 3,000 steelworkers redundant’

24th Jan 24 3:13 pm

The Prime Minister has insisted that the government has saved 5,000 jobs and stopped Port Talbot Steelworks from closing.

Rishi Sunak has insisted that the government will protect workers within the steelworks supply chain in South Wales.

Tata Steel announced last week that they are to close the blast furnaces and they will produce greener steel, however there will be over 3,000 jobs lost.

During Prime Minister’s Questions, Labour MP Sarah Champion said, “I represent a proud steel community in Rotherham who stand with the steelworkers in Port Talbot at this very worrying time.

“My constituents don’t want to see their taxpayers’ money used to make British workers redundant, our primary steel making capacity decimated and our national security compromised.

“So will the Prime Minister change his destructive course? Starting by looking at the credible multi-union plan to safeguard our steel industry’s long-term future?”

Sunak told MPs in the House of Commons, “I know this is an anxious time for steelworkers in South Wales, but we are committed to working with the steel sector to secure a positive and sustainable future.”

He added, “What was proposed to happen in South Wales was the loss of 8,000 direct jobs, thousands more across the supply chain, and the complete closure of the plant.

“Because of the Government’s investment and support and partnership we have safeguarded 5,000 direct jobs, thousands more in the supply chain and ensured the long-term sustainability of that steel plant so it has a brighter future.

“Obviously this is difficult, but it is entirely churlish of her not to recognise the largest support package, it is one of the largest support packages that any Government has provided any company and in the process safeguarded thousands of jobs.”

The Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer said that the UK will be “the only major economy that no longer makes its own steel.”

Sir Keir added, “the Government is handing out £500 million to make 3,000 steelworkers redundant.”

Making reference to there has been calls for Sunak to stand down as the Prime Minister Sir Keir said, “Isn’t he embarrassed that the Tory party is yet again entirely focused on itself?”

Sunak said that Sir Keir is involved with “yet more sniping from the side lines.”

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