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Kremlin ‘concerned’ Poland bolsters defences as thousands of Wagner mercenaries training with Belarusian troops

20th Jul 23 2:21 pm

Poland are concerned that thousands of Wagner mercenaries are training alongside with Belarusian troops which has been seen as a threat.

Belarus are holding joint exercises with Wagner fighters near to the Polish border which comes after Russian MP Andrey Kartapolov said that the mercenaries will “attack Poland and seize the Suwalki Corridor,” which is a strategic strip of land.

The Suwalki Corridor is between Lithuania and Poland and “several hundred” mercenaries are gathering close to the strip of land.

The Belarusian defence ministry said, “The armed forces of Belarus continue joint training with the fighters of the Wagner PMC (Private Military Company).

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“During the week, special operations forces units together with representatives of the company will work out combat training tasks at the Brest military range.”

Poland’sWorld         defence ministry said that they are monitoring the joint military training exercises close to their border.

The ministry said, “Poland’s borders are secure, we are monitoring the situation on our eastern border on an ongoing basis and we are prepared for various scenarios as the situation develops.”

The Kremlin has said that Poland’s move to bolster their defences on the border as “aggressive” and the spokesman Dmitry Peskov said the move is a “cause for concern.”

Peskov told reporters, “Of course it is a cause for concern. The aggressiveness of Poland is a reality.

“Such a hostile attitude towards Belarus and the Russian Federation requires heightened attention [from our side].”

Polish Defense Minister Mariusz Blaszczak said on Thursday he has ordered troops from the country’s west to Biala Podlaska, to move around 45 kilometres west from Brest, and in Kolno, further north.

Blaszczak said on state Radio 1, “We must bear in mind that bringing a few thousand of Wagner’s forces into Belarus poses a threat to our country, hence my decision to move some military units from Poland’s west to Poland’s east.

“Their task it is to train and to deter an aggressor, it is to show Russia that Poland’s border should not be crossed, that it would not pay off to attack Poland.”

Fresh satellite images reveal that over three days around 300 Wagner vehicles have move the Tsel military base in Belarus with around 60 large lorries hundreds of military field tents and a few thousand battle hardened mercenaries training Belarusian forces.

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