Home Business News Poland deploys more troops on their border amid the close presence of Wagner ‘serial killers on the loose’

Poland deploys more troops on their border amid the close presence of Wagner ‘serial killers on the loose’

by LLB political Reporter
18th Jul 23 2:20 pm

Russian MP Andrey Kartapolov has said that Vladimir Putin has a “brilliant plan” to use Wagner mercenaries who are in Belarus to attack Poland.

Kartapolov said that the Wagner mercenaries “were moved to Belarus to attack Poland and seize the Suwalki Corridor,” which is a strategic strip of land.

The Suwalki Corridor is between Lithuania and Poland and “several hundred” mercenaries are gathering close to the strip of land.

Poland has moved more than 1,000 troops and equipment to the east of the country as a result of Wagner’s movements.

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The Suwalki Corridor has been described as NATO’s “weakest link” and an “Achilles heel” and some experts have described it as the “most dangerous place on earth.”

According to the much respected Belarusian Hajun project around “100 pieces” of equipment and between “350 and 600” Wagner mercenaries entered Belarus on Monday.

Kartapolov said, “Should anything happen, we need this Suwalki Corridor very much.”

The Russian lawmaker added, “The Ministry of Defense will figure out what they gave and what they took. I’m not talking about that, but about the fact that a strike force is ready to take this small corridor in a matter of hours.”

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Poland has deployed more troops on their border amid the presence of Wagner “serial killers on the loose.”

Polish Defense Minister Mariusz Blaszczak said, “Over 1,000 soldiers and almost 200 units of equipment from the 12th and 17th Mechanized Brigades are starting to move to the east of the country as part of the ‘Safe Podlasie’ operation.”

He added, that this is a “demonstration” of Poland’s “readiness to respond to attempts of destabilisation” near to the country’s border.

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