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Huge explosion rocks Crimea with ‘more than 2,000 people evacuated’ after a ‘massive attack’ on Odesa

by LLB Reporter
19th Jul 23 1:47 pm

Ukraine launched an attack at a Russian military base in Crimea for the third night in a row which led to “more than 2,000 people” being evacuated from the area.

In the Kirovske district a fire broke out at the Starokrymsk military training grounds for the 56th Guards Air Assault regiment and a major road was partially closed.

Russian-installed governor Sergei Aksyonov of Crimea said, “It is planned to temporarily evacuate residents of four settlements – this is more than 2,000 people.”

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According to the Crimean Wind Telegram channel, an ammunition depot had also exploded as “munitions continuing to detonate.”

Putin trying ‘to create refugee crisis’ after ‘intentionally’ blowing up 60,000 tons of grain in Odesa

This comes after Russia launched a “massive attack” on Odesa using more than 30 missiles and 30 drones.

Ukrainian MP Oleskiy Goncharenko says it was “the biggest missile and drone attack from the start of [the] full-scale invasion.”

He added, “Putin tries to cause as much chaos in the world as possible by stopping Ukrainian agriculture exports, stopping Odesa’s ports, and causing starvation for millions of people around the world.”

The Ukrainian government-run news platform said, “At night, the occupiers used a coastal missile complex from the temporarily occupied Crimea and hit Odesa with ‘Onyx’, the strategic aviation struck with Kh-59, Kh-22 missiles.

“At the same time as the missile attack, the Russians also struck with Shahed UAVs, as reported by the Operational Command ‘Pivden’ (‘South’).”

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