Home Business News Jeddah summit reveals China not backing Putin and the ‘brutal war’ by Russia has serious ‘implications beyond Europe’

Jeddah summit reveals China not backing Putin and the ‘brutal war’ by Russia has serious ‘implications beyond Europe’

7th Aug 23 12:51 pm

The summit in Jeddah, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has proven that Vladimir Putin’s “brutal war” in Ukraine has serious “implications far beyond Europe.”

The Jeddah summit has also shown that China does not back “Russia’s aggression” and that Beijing is “on the side of peace” which is a huge hammer blow for Putin.

German Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock said in an interview with German newspaper Bild on Sunday, “The message from Jeddah is this: this brutal war of aggression by Russia is also affecting people in Africa, Asia and South America.

“Since it has implications far beyond Europe: from the future of the international order to issues of energy security, rising grain prices and the global food supply that Russia has so ruthlessly worsened.”

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She then expressed her sincere support for the Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky and Baerbock said, “in essence, Zelenskyy’s formula provides for the withdrawal of Russian troops from Ukraine as a basic condition.

“Every millimeter of progress towards a just and fair world brings a piece of hope for the people of Ukraine.”

Baerbock said at the Jeddah summit that the South African capital, Pretoria and Beijing have a very different view of the war in Ukraine than that of a European one.

She added, everywhere, “our common understanding should be the Charter of the United Nations.”

However, according to an expert in international relations, China’s attendance at the Jeddah summit actual reveals Beijing are not backing Russia.

Samuel Ramani, associate fellow at the Royal United Services Institute, told Sky News,  “This is China trying to show that it’s not backing Russia‘s aggression but is on the side of peace.”

The talks in Saudi Arabia ended on Sunday without any set plans for any next steps, but those countries which did attend the Jeddah summit shows there is “common ground that will pave the way for peace.”

Ukrainian officials said that talks in Jeddah were “productive,” but Russia said it is “doomed.”

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