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Israeli Ministers urge Netanyahu to ‘attack sensitive facilities in Iran’

17th Apr 24 10:15 am

It has been reported that Israeli Ministers have urged the Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to “attack sensitive facilities” in Iran.

The timing of the attack either on Iran or their proxies is “still ongoing” and Netanyahu has been urged to strike “as soon as possible” in retaliation to last Saturday’s missiles and drone attacks.

Michael Shemesh, political correspondent at the Israel Broadcasting Corporation, said on Telegram, “Government ministers recommended that Netanyahu attack sensitive facilities in Iran in response to the Iranian attack on Israel.

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“The dispute in the Israeli leadership over the timing of the response is still ongoing. Most decision-makers believe the action should be carried out as soon as possible.”

He added, “A senior government official said tonight: ‘Every day that passes, the chances of a significant retaliatory attack on Iran are decreasing.’”

Former British Army officer, Colonel Richard Kemp CBE believes that Israel could attack Iran by the weekend.

Col. Kemp told GB News, “I think we should also bear in mind that Iran is on the cusp of developing a nuclear weapons capability, which is designed specifically, although not only, but specifically to target Israel.

And Israel can’t allow that to happen, and it may be that in the course of the retaliation for this attack, Israel is able to destroy… or at least severely disrupt Iran’s nuclear weapons capability.

Israel is considering their military “options” which could see airstrikes on Iran or their proxies.

The Middle East is on the brink and the region could be dragged into a wider conflict and many different “scenarios” are being considered.

IDF spokesman Rear Adm. Daniel Hagari tells reporters at Julis military base, “We cannot stand still from this kind of aggression, Iran will not get [off] scot-free with this aggression.”

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