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Is MLM a good business venture?

26th Jul 18 8:00 am

Multilevel marketing or MLM, often called pyramid selling, is a marketing strategy used to sell products or services. The purpose of MLM is to get people to buy the product.So you may find yourself wondering—Is MLM a good business venture? While MLM may seem like a good idea, the long-term ramifications of it as a business venture are not so positive.So is it worth it?

What you’ll be doing

As a partner in an MLM venture, you spend most of your time interacting with customers, prospects, and distributors. To be successful, you need to regularly use your products and make a one-year commitment to run the MLM business venture.

However, before you get involved, it is important to understand what multi-level marketing entails. An MLM business venture is essentially a business venture undertaken by two individuals who remain anonymous. In an MLM business venture, two distinct individuals take their money and together use whatever monies they have to complete a business goal.

MLM is essentially the process of involving a second party into a sole business venture and paying that individual to provide some type of service. For example, someone could create an ebook and sell it for $30.00 online. However, they may not want to do the selling themselves, and instead, may enlist someone else to email the book to their mailing list. As a result, they receive 50 percent of the profits. The next step for someone getting involved in an MLM business venture would be to create a company and recommending services, in exchange for a share of the profits.


While this may sound like a great opportunity to some, an MLM business venture is risky, and in some cases, falls into the category of a pyramid scheme. Some schemes are illegal and punishable by law, because of their underhanded practices.


According to experts, MLM marketing ventures are legal and perfectly legitimate. They can be very lucrative. They are legal when they are carried out appropriately. However, you need to make sure you are following the right regulations when you decide to carry out an MLM business venture. So the short answer is: Yes, MLM is a good business venture.

You just need to make sure you adhere to the rules and provisions surrounding such a venture. By visiting http://www.ecosecretariat.org/, you can decide for yourself if MLM is a good option.

Potential problems

You must also be aware of the problems associated with an MLM business venture. Be aware that you will have to pay money to get involved, and there’s no guarantee that you’re going to receive a financial benefit. However, many legitimate companies have profited from MLM business ventures, and have made millions in profits. These companies are not comprised of sales representatives, they’re real people who have gotten involved in business ventures that took off and eventually generated a sizable profit.

So maybe it’s a good thing? It doesn’t cost much to enter into an MLM business venture, but you have the potential to make a good income without putting in too much effort. While this type of business venture is legal, it also raises some ethical questions. It’s not always worth getting involved in something risky that promises great profits, but in the long-run ruins your reputation. You must weigh your options, and decide what’s important to you.

Risks and perceptions

However, the risks of engaging in an MLM business venture far outweigh the benefits. And money isn’t everything. Some people prefer a more standard and accepted means of making money. There is also an air of mystery surrounding this type of business venture, because something about it sounds a bit off. People will question your intentions, and you may get ripped off in the end.

So in short, it’s always best to do things that are completely legal and not controversial. Because many people question the legitimacy or legality of MLM ventures, it may not be the best idea to get involved in one.

However, MLM still remains an attractive option for many individuals with experience in business and sales. These individuals tend to know how to sell business ventures. It is also an attractive option for individuals without much experience building business relationships, because it doesn’t require a whole lot of expertise or business wherewithal.

Who does MLM attract?

Those who are unhappy with their current employment are more likely to get involved in an MLM business venture than are those who are content with their current financial situation. Another thing to consider is that MLM ventures have long been controversial, and they attract many lawsuits.

Because of this, MLM may not be the best idea in terms of a business endeavor. Getting involved in one may damage your reputation and make it difficult to get hired in the long run. Not having employment on your resume for a long period of time may hurt you, if you are involved in an MLM venture.

Distinguishing factors

The one thing that distinguishes MLM from a pyramid scheme is the fact that MLM allows you to profit from selling services and products. It’s also important to remember that MLM is not the same as direct sales. Direct sales representatives sell goods and services directly to customers.

This type of sales technique often requires one to do door-to-door sales or host parties to recruit prospective customers. MLM companies can not do that. Its business strategy focuses on a small investment and does not promise continued profits. It is, however, an attractive option for those who prefer to make a passive income.

What differentiates MLM?

The key difference between MLM ventures and pyramid schemes is that MLM ventures make money by selling products and services. Pyramid schemes, on the other hand, make money off of you. With a pyramid scheme, you put your money to recruit other people. While a select few end up making hundreds of thousands of dollars from MLM ventures, those individuals are the minority. The truth is that only about 30 percent of those involved in MLM businesses make that much money.

Those who get involved in an MLM business typically enjoying marketing and selling, so it may be a worthwhile venue for those with a sales background. As with most things in life, everything has its pluses and minuses. Some people may see MLM as a great career opportunity that doesn’t require much effort or talent on one part.

While experts may say MLM ventures have all the hallmarks of a legitimate business opportunity, it is best to proceed with caution. As the saying goes, it’s better to be safe than sorry.

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