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Is Global Refund Group what you need to get your money back?

by John Saunders
25th Jan 22 11:26 am

Online investment scams have quickly become one of the most serious threats to people online. The USA sees over 2 million fraud reports every year, with consumers losing upwards of $3 billion annually. The way that these scams operate is always changing, and that leaves many victims without any idea of how to get their money back.

The scale of online scams has now led to companies arising that specialize in getting victims their money back. There are a few different ways that companies can go about this, but the most successful for everyday investors seem to be chargeback companies.

A chargeback company makes use of a bank or payment processor’s internal measures for redress to get money back. This system isn’t very user-friendly. It takes insider knowledge and years of experience to get chargebacks right. If you’re a victim, you’ll need professionals to help you through the process. Global Refund Group is one such company, and we’re taking a look to see what they have to offer.

A bit about Global Refund Group

Global Refund Group is a company that provides chargeback services for the victims of online investment scams. They’re based out of New York, although their services aren’t limited to American clients. While chargebacks are an effective measure against many types of scams, Global Refund Group focuses on online investment scams, particularly those offering CFDs, forex, and cryptocurrencies.

Their connections and familiarity with financial regulators let Global Refund Group take effective actions against online investment scammers. They have a complaint form that any victims can fill out on their website to report scams, whether or not you ultimately use their services. By spreading awareness about online scams, Global Refund Group helps prevent more people from becoming victims.

Their customer service is excellent for a chargeback company. Some of these companies can be difficult to reach, but that isn’t the case with Global Refund Group. They have designated phone lines for clients from the USA, Australia, and New Zealand, along with email support as well. Online scam victims can rest easy knowing that the people handling their cases are easy to reach.

One of the main reasons that Global Refund Group is worth taking a look at for online scam victims is their free consultations. Anyone can call Global Refund Group today to find out more about what they have to offer. They take a few key details about how you’ve been scammed and can let you know if their chargeback approach is likely to get results for your individual case.

Can Global Refund Group get the job done?

Free consultations and open communications are great features to have in a chargeback company, but they aren’t the primary concern for most victims. The real issue at hand is whether or not Global Refund Group can really get your money back. Based on their track record, this company looks like one of the best bets that online scam victims have for getting a refund in a timely manner.

The company has a success rate of 97% for its chargeback cases. This is very high within the industry and shows how committed the team at Global Refund Group is to help their clients. Most online scam victims come in with little to no hope of recovering their funds, and Global Refund Group successfully helps nearly all of them.

How Global Refund Group maintains their standards of success

A great success rate is more than enough reason to check out Global Refund Group, but some might want to hear a bit more about exactly how the company manages to get so many successful chargebacks.

Global Refund Group takes a very different approach from other chargeback companies. They focus on having an experienced, professional team that really knows what they’re doing. Other chargeback companies go with large numbers of ill-qualified representatives and hope to make up the difference through volume. If you want a company that really cares, Global Refund Group is the choice for you.

Within their chargeback team, you’ll find professionals in banking, finance law, and cybersecurity. Together, they have the unique skill set needed to get more chargebacks than other companies and get the best results for their clients.

Over their years in operation, the professionals and Global Refund Group have developed a very refined system for getting refunds back. There are many technical steps on their side, but it’s fairly straightforward from the client’s end.

  • The initial consultation lets Global Refund Group evaluate whether or not your case will succeed. They only move forward with chargebacks that they know they can win.
  • They gather key documents and information about your case in order to file the chargeback. They only ask for documents that they really need and maintain strict privacy.
  • Global Refund Group confronts your scammers, which is sometimes more than enough to get your money back. It also establishes that the chargeback is being filed in good faith.
  • Their professionals compile your chargeback and file it with the payment processor. The last step is simply waiting for your refund to arrive.

Is Global Refund Group the choice for you?

With free consultations, it’s well worth reaching out to Global Refund Group to see what they can do. They have a track record of success and could be just what you need to get your money back.


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