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Iran compared to ‘Third Reich’ and Iranian Supreme Leader ‘no different from Adolf Hitler’

by LLB political Reporter
15th Apr 24 9:40 am

The United Nation has been told by Israel that they have “every right to retaliate” against Tehran after Saturday’s missile and drone failed attack.

On Sunday the Israeli war cabinet Minister has warned Iran that they will “collect a price” following Tehran’s attack overnight.

Benny Gantz has promised there will be a military response against Iran, but in a manner of their choosing at a time “that’s right for us.”

Ben Gvir said, “The concepts of containment and proportionality, these concepts became obsolete on 7 October.

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In order to establish deterrence in the Middle East, you must show them that you’ve gone berserk and completely lost it.

The Israeli Minister for National Security has insisted that Israel must go “berserk” with their counter attack on Iran and they cannot “be wimpish.”

Gilad Erdan, Israel’s ambassador to the UN, said at an emergency meeting of the security council on Sunday, “We are surrounded by Iran’s terror proxies. This attack crossed every red line and Israel reserves every right to retaliate.”

He then compared Iran to Nazi Germany, he added, “The Islamic regime of today is no different from the Third Reich and [Iranian Supreme Leader] Khamenei is no different from Adolf Hitler.”

United Nations Secretary General Antonio Guterres told the emergency meeting that “neither the region nor the world can afford more war.”

“Now is the time to defuse and de-escalate,” he added.

He continued, “The mask is off. Iran, the number one global sponsor of terror, has exposed its true face as the destabiliser of the region and the world.”

Amir Saeid Iravani, the Iranian ambassador to the United Nations said that Iran has the “inherent right to self-defence” by attacking Israel.

“The Security Council… failed in its duty to maintain international peace and security,” Iravani said.

He added that Iran is not looking for an “escalation or war,” however they will response to any “threat or aggression.”

He said, “It is time for the Security Council to shoulder its responsibility and address the real threat to international peace and security.”

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