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Iran’s attack on Israel is a ‘declaration of war’

15th Apr 24 8:51 am

The Israeli President Isaac Herzog has said Iran’s attack on Israel is a “declaration of war” and their behaviour is “unacceptable.”

Herzog said that it is “about time the world faces this empire of evil in Tehran,” and “we should be looking lucidly at the phenomena called Tehran and Iran.”

He said that world leader have to “make it clear” to Tehran their behaviour is “unacceptable” and that since 1948 Israel has only sought peace.

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Speaking to Sky News Herzog said on Monday morning, “We are peace seekers. We went to peace with our neighbours time and time again.

“Unfortunately, it all started on the 7th of October when a proxy of Iran, Hamas, led an unbelievably brutal massacre against Israeli citizens and the rest is history.

“We know it. So we should put it in perspective.”

The missile and drone attack on Saturday is yet “another example” of how Iran “has operated for years and years.”

Herzog told Sky News’ Alistair Bunkall, “We were attacked last night from four corners of the Middle East with proxies shooting at us, firing ballistic missiles, drones and cruise missiles.”

“This is like a real war. I mean, this is a declaration of war.”

Herzog was asked does he agree with Israels allies who are calling for calm, he said, “The last thing that Israel is seeking in this region since its creation is to go to war – we are seeking peace.

The attacks started as Israel is accused of attacking and destroying an Iranian consulate, which killed two Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) generals and other personnel on 1 April.

Herzog told the media outlet that it was not a “consulate” but a “separate building” close to the “consulate.”

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